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Over a week: three thousand Iraqi refugees reach al-Holl camp

More than three thousand Iraqi refugees have reached al-Holl camp over the past week, according to the camp’s administration archives.

A woman from Surrin is victim of Turkish occupation

A woman from Surrin town south of Kobani canton has lost her life due to her wounds, as she was targeted by the Turkish occupation with 8 bullets on the borders with Girê Spî whilst she was trying to cross the borders with Bakur Kurdistan.

YPG: SNC gang attacks on Afrin, Aleppo continues

The YPG press centre published on Monday a statement in relation to the recent attacks of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) gangs on the Afrin canton, Aleppo and the occupying practises of the Turkish army.

NC mercenaries attack thwarted on Sheikh khider

YPG and YPJ units have thwarted an attack of the National Coalition mercenaries on Sheikh Khider neighborhood and al-Sakhour park.

Chemical weapon factory with Turkey flag discovered in Aleppo

YPG-YPJ fighters have discovered a depot being used as a factory to make explosives and chemical weapons in Aleppo.

KRC opens a medical point in Aleppo’s al-Hellok

The Kurdish Red Crescent has opened a medical point in the neighborhood of al-Hellok and has begun receiving residents from the liberated neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo.

Children, seeking security, are left orphans by NC

In a desperate attempt to rescue themselves from bombardment and starvation Aleppo’s east is suffering from, a girl and her parents have been killed by the mercenaries of the National Coalition, leaving their five children orphans and homeless.

MMC releases identities of two fallen international fighters

The Manbij Military Coucil (MMC) announced on Thursday that two of its international fighters fell as martyrs during attacks of the occupant Turkish army and affiliate gang groups against western Manbij villages on November 24.

Manbij residents express their refusal of Turkish occupation

Manbij residents denounced attacks of the Turkish state on Manbij villages and targeting civilians, and assured thier refusal of any Ottoman occupation of thier city, and standing by Manbij Military fighters in the face of Turkish occupation.

Girls are exchanged for bread in Aleppo’s east

One of the refugees from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo told the story of NC militants acts against civilians, and said that a man was forces to exchange his daughter for bread with National Coalition militants in order to save his other children, affirming that prices at the eastern neighborhoods are sky-rocketing.

Attacks on Manbij repelled, 37 gang members killed

Fighters of the Manbij Military Council repelled Turkish army and gang attacks on Ulashli village in west Manbij. 37 gang members are reported to have been killed.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Turkish soldiers execute three people, 14 missing


The occupant Turkish army executed three Rojava citizens at the West (Rojava)-North (Bakur) Kurdistan border. 14 citizens went ‘missing’ by the Turkish army.


The occupying Turkish army kills a child


One child was killed, other civilians were injured as a result of the occupying Turkish army shelling on Mount Al-Baraziya.


TEV-DEM distributes food to migrants in Sheikh Maqsoud


The governing TEV-DEM (Movement For a Democratic Society) of the Rojava-Northern Syria Federation distributed dry food and food materials to displaced residents from eastern Aleppo districts.