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Yazidis reject withdrawal of the People Defense Forces from Şengal 

Residents of Newroz refugee camp said that the decisions which were issued by some Yazidi notables and sheikhs were biased to Iraq against Yazidis and serve the Turkish Justice and Development Party and the Kurdistan Democratic Party .

Turkish fire against Rojava residents again

4 people 3 of them are children were wounded by Turkish army fire.

Families massacred talk about barbarism of Turkish Army

Families targeted by the Turkish Army yesterday in Sari Kanye region, have talked about the Turkish barbarism and they said that the Turkish Army members do know that they are civilians from Tal Abyad, nonetheless they shoot them.

A Syrian opponent: Turkey lays the foundations of geographical division in Syria

Syrian opposition Riyad Derar considered the Turkish intervention in North Syria” as laying the foundation for geographical and human division and fueling sectarianism and racism, and pointed out that Democratic Autonomous Administration model is ” the only solution to resist any exterior interference from Turkey or elsewhere.”

Turkish-backed groups bombard al-Bab villages

Turkish-backed groups reportedly shelled villages in the al-Bab region on Wednesday.

TEV-DEM: We will not be oblivious to the attacks of no occupying state

The Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) Executive Committee strongly denounced the Turkish state and the Turkish soldiers for the killing of 17 Northern Syrian civilians.

Aladdin Khaled: Turkey is changing the demography of Shahba

Aladdin Khaled the general coordinator of the Syrian Democratic National Coalition (SDNC) and member of the Presidential Body of Syria Democratic Council (SDC) considers the events taking place in Shahba areas an IS-Turkey play and confirms that the goal of burning villages is to change the demography of the region, in addition to looting and stealing.

17 thousand olive trees stolen under the sight of SNC

17 thousand olive trees are being stolen in the area between Janders and Adlib governate by the refugees living in Atima camp and under the protection of the mercenaries of the Syrian National Coalition.

Shaha Jadaan lost her life

Shaha Jadaan, the mother who shot by the Turkish army yesterday in the village of Nes Til lost her life, thus a complete family was annihilated.

Documented: The Turkish relations with IS

a group of mercenaries held by People Protection Units in Kobani and Til Abyad narrated how they have entered and left the Turkish cities, enlisted youths in the refugee camps in Turkey and sent them to Rojava and how they have imported and exported food materials and other supplies.

The Turkish army committed a massacre in Tal Abyad 

the Turkish army has killed 6 children and 3 women in the village of Kahila in Tal Abayad city, according to YPG.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Formation of a council in Al-Haya in Manbij


the residents of al-Haya al-Kabira village have formed their council, in a meeting with Manbij Civil Council.


KNC having destroyed Sheik Maksoud, municipality clears its effects


the municipality in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood started today cleaning all streets of the neighborhood that were subjected to bombardment and destruction.


Allen Jeadek became a star in the sky of humanity


the Coordinating Body of Star Conference recalled the activist in the field of women Allen Jeadek “Sterk”, and presented condolences to her family.