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Qamishlo chanted: Afrin, we are all with you, Rojava territories will be graveyard for invaders

“Afrin, we are all together with you, together we make the territories of Rojava a graveyard for the invaders,” In the course of a mass march in the area of ​​Çilaxa and Girkê Legê where thousands of people from Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs gathered in solidarity with the resistance of Afrin during a massive march in Çilaxa district.

Despite heavy rain … Thousands revolt in Kobani for Afrin

Thousands of Kobani’s people in the Euphrates region revolt for Afrin’s people and solidarity with them in the face of the bombing of Turkish occupation on them, where they took part in a march bearing the slogan “In Kobani’s resistance spirit, we will win in Afrin.”

“Afrin will not remain alone in battle against occupation”

the General Coordination of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) has condemned the Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin pointing out that the attacks came after the victories achieved by Rojava’s people, and it said, “Afrin will not remain alone in the fight against the occupation,” and called on the international community to intervene quickly against aggressive attacks launched by the Turkish state and its mercenaries.

Girê Sipî people: we will stand against occupation, support Afrin

Hundreds of Girê Sipî people in the Euphrates region demonstrated condemning the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan and the attacks of the Turkish occupation army against the region.

Al-Hasakah bids 3 fighters farewell

Residents of al-Hasakah city bid farewell the 3 martyrs in People Protection Units (YPG) who were martyred in al-Jazeera Tempest campaign to their final resting place at the Martyr Dijwar Shrine in Dawodiya village.

Afrin said, “Your bombs will not terrorize us, we are steadfast”

Tens of thousands of people of Afrin canton, along the Villas Street of in the center of the canton, chanted denouncing Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ threats to occupy Afrin, saying: “Your bombs will not terrorize us, we will not leave our land, we are steadfast.”

YPJ commander: Turkey digging its grave with its own hand!

The commander in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in Afrin canton Sosin Birhat has described threats the mercenaries of Turkish occupation army launch attacks on Afrin as “suicide” and that the applause of some parties means that they dig their grave with their hands.

Turkish occupation continues its shelling of populated areas

Turkish occupation army has shelled populated areas, resulting in material damage to the peoples’ property.

Pictures, videos of Afrin massive demonstration 

Thousands of Afrin people demonstrated on Thursday condemning the threats and attacks of the Turkish occupation army against Afrin canton.

Arab notables: We will not accept new Ottoman occupation in our areas

The Notables of the Arab tribes warned the Turkish state of falling into mazes that were not be in its favor during its attacks on the territories of Afrin region. They said, “Our people will fight them as they fought the terrorists who supported them, and will not accept a new occupation in our areas.”

The Kurds in the Netherlands denounce Turkish state’s attacks on Afrin

Dozens of Kurds held a protest in the Dutch city of The Hague yesterday, denouncing the Turkish state attacks on Afrin canton.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Afrin residents protect their villages in conjunction with Turkish occupation attacks


In conjunction with the bombing of the Turkish occupation army of the villages of Balbla in Rajo area,in Afrin canton, people belonging to Society Protection Forces protect villages to maintain internal security. The Turkish occupation army has indiscriminately shelled the villages of Afrin in recent days, most recently in the villages of Bilbala, Rajo and Shira


What are the Turkish occupation army’s movements on the border?


Turkish movements intensified on the artificial border separating between the province of Afrin and Bakur, “North Kurdistan”, where the Turkish occupation army opened 5 crossings, and evacuated the Kilis hospital of its content to concentrate its forces.


Armenia’s Parliament admits Şengal’s massacre as genocide crime


The parliament of Armenia ratified the draft of a project that considers what the Yazidi had been subjected to by IS mercenaries as a genocide crime .