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Turkish occupation, its affiliates’ attacks continue on Rojava 

People Protection Units assured that Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ attacks are continuing on Rojava, particularly on Afrin and Kobani cantons.

The second course of the Kurdish Front finished

32 fighters graduated having finished the second course of Şehîd Alaa Jibbo Academy of Jabhet al-Akrad (The Kurdish Front) Forces in al-Shahba areas.

1,000 young men join SDF

More than a thousand young men went to the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) centers in order to join the military forces of al-Tabqa people clans as they threatened IS mercenaries to chase them till reaching the last inch of Syrian lands.

Afrin received 2750 refugees from al-Shahba

2750 refugees from al-Shahba fled the violations of the Turkish occupation army and the clashes that broke out between the mercenaries towards Afrin canton crossing the eastern entrance during the last three days. Moreover, the international organizations ignore the refugees’

Al-Shadadi women: proud to join Women Asayîş Forces

Asayîş members in al-Shadadi town said that they joined Women Asayîş Forces according to the principle” protection is a duty everybody should undertake”,

Asayîş Forces’ spokesperson denied happening any fabricated bomb

The spokesperson of Asayîş Forces in Afrin canton Cîger Xwîn Mamo made it clear that the car that blasted was in the result of an electrical fault.

Special Internal Security Forces’ first course in al-Raqqa finished

50 young men from al-Raqqa finished the first training course of Special Internal Security Forces in al-Raqqa where graduation ceremonies were held by the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) in coordination with the International Coalition Forces.

Eastern Manbij Camp received 1st batch of al-Raqqa refugees

Manbij Organization for Relief and Development sorted the first batch of al-Raqqa and its villages’ refugees into Eastern Manbij Camp that has been opened recently, and it would start providing humanitarian aids for them.

HT’s third course finished

The Defense Body and Self-Protection in Afrin canton has celebrated the graduation of the third course of the Special Forces that is related to Self-Defense under Martyr Hajj Ali Salmo course in the academy of Şehîd Zakaria Abed and a military parade was performed.

Wrath of Euphrates: a town and village liberated

3 days of continuous clashes have resulted in Syrian Democratic Forces liberating Hamrat Naser town as the fourth stage of the Wrath of Euphrates campaign advances.

SDB condemns the terror attack on Manchester 

Syrian Democratic Board condemned the terror attack that targeted Manchester city in Britain.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Even a 5-year child realizes IS criminality


“IS is filthy, my name has become Heval Mustafa” by these words, a child from al-Raqqa refugees expressed his hatred to IS mercenaries as if he felt by his innocent childish sense that IS intends to kill, destroy and any other bad thing against the civilians.


15 thousand civilians liberated by SDF over 3 days


Fighters of the Wrath of Euphrates, having resumed the 4th stage of the campaign, have liberated over the past 3 days 15 thousand civilians from the countryside of al-Raqqa.


IS mine kills 2 children, wounds another


Two children lost their lives and the child Yasser Khalaf, at 12 got seriously wounded in the result of blasting a mine planted by IS mercenaries in Kalta village that is 30 km east of al-Tabqa