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2,717 olive trees were cut by the Turkish occupation army in Qarmatlaq

2,717 olive trees were cut by the Turkish occupation army in the lands adjacent to Qarmatlaq village in Sheyeh province in Afrin canton, paving the way to build a barrier within people village possessions,

An attack thwarted, 15 ISIS mercenaries killed

ISIS fighters have attacked on Tuesday morning trenches of Wrath of Euphrates in Tel Samin and Swediyah Gharbi, but was repelled with heroic resistance killing 15 mercenaries.

Scenes from Turkish occupation barbarism in al-Bab

ANHA news agency got a video showing the destruction the Turkish occupation army inflicted on al-Bab city north of Syria.

Raqqa campaign: Two thousand 480km2 land liberated

The Operations Room Wrath of Euphrates made a press release in relation to the developments of the second phase of the ongoing Raqqa campaign which was launced on December 10, 2016.

A Turkish bombardment on al-Shahba caused the displacement of hundreds towards Afrin

1,351 refugees from al-Shahba entered Afrin canton fleeing from the Turkish occupation army bombardment since Saturday.

Defense Body discusses forming military regiments with Afrin People

The Defense and Protection Body in Afrin canton launched a campaign to identify and form military regiment within YPG in each province, the body held a congress with people in Shara province to identify the role of the military regiments in the canton.

NS Federation: we are not committed to Astana resolutions    

The executive body of the North Syria Democratic Federation announced that they are not committed to resolutions of Astana meeting, and assured their struggle to construct a democratic federal system in north Syria.

Girê Sipî people: who fights on ground has right to attend negotiations

Girê Sipî ( Til Abyad) people have taken to streets in a massive demonstration to call for the real representatives of Syrian components participation in any negotiations to solve the Syrian crisis, particularly Astana upcoming congress.

Arabic fighters challenge traditions and face ISIS in al-Raqah

The victories that were achieved by YPJ have positively reflected on the Arabic society in general and women in particular, and motivated them to join the units and effectively participate in al-Raqah fronts.

MMC: we will defend ourselves against any attacks

Shervan Darwish the official spokesperson of Manbij Military Council said that they will defend themselves against any possible attacks on their defensive positions, pointing out that Turkey aims by these attacks to spread insecurity and strike the stability which Manbij enjoys.

ANHA captures scenes from the Raqqa campaign fronts

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters leading the Wrath of Euphrates campaign to liberate Raqqa city liberated a land encompassing two thousand and 144 km2 from ISIS gangs.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî






45 villages, 20 hamlets liberated in Raqqa campaign

45 villages, 20 hamlets liberated in Raqqa campaign


After the Kadiriya and Ayn Issa fronts of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) leading the Raqqa campaign joined together, fighters have now liberated 450 km2 of land from ISIS gangs.


1,100 refugees reach Afrin


1,100 refugees from different regions, particularly those occupied by the Turkish occupying army have reached Afrin canton.


Having fled the Turkish bombardment, they are homeless now


They fled the Turkish occupation bombardment and headed to Manbij where they felt safe there, but suffered lack of a shelter to accommodate them, as their situation becomes worse a day after day.