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Al-Tabqa people celebrating Eid al-Fitr after liberation

Eid events, its long-forgotten joy has returned to al-Tabqa city after its liberation, to be the first eid al-Tabqa people celebrate after getting rid of IS.

Turkey targets ad-Darbasiyah FM again

The Turkish state has targeted for the second time Rojava radio stations interrupting the broadcast of the radio station for hours a day.

Moments at fire line

Armed with iron will, experts at fighting arts, quick to reach their trigger, every fighter realizes what they do, even at breaks, they are eager to learn something new, the way they are attentive to the enemy’s movements says a lot about their bravery and tells much about their iron will.

Riyadh Derar: our aim is finding a political solution   

The Syrian Democratic Board’s Co-Chair Riyadh Derar said that they are seeking a political solution to the Syrian crisis and are holding arms for the sake of fighting terror.

Turkish occupation, its gangs renew shelling Afrin, al-Shahba 

Jabhit al-Nusra , Ahrar al-Sham mercenaries have renewed shelling Afrin canton villages with heavy weapons and bombs, while Turkish occupation army and its affiliate mercenaries targeted al-Shahba liberated villages, civilians’ crops and orchards leaving material damage to civilians’ properties.

Singing to me, it realizes I am here to liberate its city

Closely observing the mercenaries’ movements, as calm as breeze, her fingers are on the trigger, her eyes are focused on the sniper’s telescope, listening to her friend’s twittering since she has been stationed there.

This is IS circumstances in al-Raqqa!

Syrian Democratic Forces exhausting IS mercenaries within their so-called caliphate’s capital and inflicting them huge losses, the mercenaries are now disguising in women clothes to escape the fighters’ strikes.

Manbij: mercenaries planning massacre caught

Anti-Terror Units have arrested a gang of IS mercenaries who were planning to commit a massacre in Manbij on Eid al-Fitr.

SDF appeals: people keep away from IS

The Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson General Talal Silo assured that al-Raqqa liberation campaign is successfully advancing, Silo added that they prioritize civilians’ safety, simultaneously, he appealed to al-Raqqa people to keep away from IS headquarters and positions.

Turkish reinforcements to attack Afrin and al-Shahba

Turkish occupation army passed on Wednesday 11 military vehicles including 4 trucks loaded with canons to the Syrian lands.

MSD visited for the first time Manbij

A delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) headed by the co-chair of the council Riyadh Drar has visited for the first time Manbij city, and met the Democratic Civil Administration of Manbij city and its countryside in order to discuss the political situation and see the situation of Manbij city.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







YPG distributes children medicines in al-Shadadi for free


The People Protection Units (YPG) medical staff in coordination with al-Shadadi region and its countryside councils and communes has distributed children medicines on people for free.


An explosives repository found west al-Raqqa


Syrian Democratic Forces have found an explosives repositroy in al-Sabahiyah nighborhood west of al-Raqqa city.


Mercenaries mastering torture in Ayasha prison


The Turkish occupation’ mercenaries’ brutality is increasing against the civilians in the occupied areas in al-Shahba as it exceeded all the humanitarian values and traditions to the extent of setting fire under the citizens and pouring hot water on their bodies.