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YPG Afrin command: We call on all to take part in the historical resistance against attacks

The YPG General Command of the Afrin canton released a statement on recent Turkish attacks on the Shahba region and Afrin on Thursday.

DSC: coalition silence of the Turkish crimes indicates it participation

Democratic Syria Council(DSC) condemned the attacks of the Turkish state against Afrin and Shahba regions and said that these attacks have come in coincidence with preparation for Raqa offensive to save IS mercenaries” covering truth means that coalition forces agree and participate in this crime”.

The Turkish occupation bombards Afrin villages with 100 shells

army of the Turkish occupation has been shelling over 7 hours and a half Afrin canton villages with 100 shells leaving huge financial damage to civilians’ properties.

Jaish al Thuwar repels attacks of IS and Euphrates Shield simultaneously  

Jaish al-Thuwar(Army of Rebels) said that they are repelling attacks of IS mercenaries and Turkish Euphrates Shield simultaneously in Shahba regions.

Going further, the Turkish army occupies Idleb lands

The Turkish army forces have entered Aqrabaat village in Dana in Idleb countryside with armored vehicles, tanks and heavy weapons amid locals’ resentment.

The General Coordination: Turkey proves protecting IS 

the General Coordination of Rojava cantons has decried the Turkish warplanes bombardment of Afrin and Shahba regions, asserting that Turkey is affirming its support and protection of IS and has appealed to the international community to interfere and stop the Turkish violations.

Afrin resistance has won

The Turkish occupation forces have withdrew from Sorke lands in Rajo because of the resistance of canton people against the Turkish occupation.

Afrin residents confront the Turkish occupation successively

Afrin residents continue their sit-in on the border between Afrin and Bakur Kurdistan in Sorke village in Rajo district denouncing the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands.

1,150 emigrants enter Afrin canton

More than 1,150 emigrants enter Afrin canton escaping from the oppression of Daesh mercenaries and the Turkish shelling of Shahba regions.

Mosul offensive..will it eliminate Daesh or send it to Syria

After the Iraqi forces have announced the operation of Mosul liberation and the remarkable progress it made in the first hours, the advanced forces have given way to the mercenaries existing in the city to withdraw west towards regions held by them in Syria which truly poses a threat in all over Syria.

Refugee Affairs commission is prepared to support Iraqi refugees 

the official spokesperson of UN Commission for Refugee Affairs in Syria showed their preparedness to support Iraqi refugees in al-Holl and Nawroz camps in collaboration with UN and Iraqi bureaus.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Turkish army builds separation wall opposite to Kobani


the occupation Turkish army is building a separation wall on the borderline between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan in the village of Qera Mog east of Kobani canton.


A call from al-Holl camp to the UN


some Iraqi refugees from Mosul pointed out that they are not provided with any help by humanitarian organizations or the UN, they also appealed to them to offer help for the Iraqi refugees.


Afrin people call for revolt against Turkish occupation


NOURADDIN OMAR AFRIN- Kurds and Arabs in Afrin canton condemned […]