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YPG: Turkish media legitimate their attack on Afrin 

People Protection Units (YPG) said that Turkish state media attempt to legitimate the Turkish attacks against Afrin by the lies they spread.

Forum of Women’s Research Center in Afrin opens

Under the auspices of the Women’s Research Center(Jinolojî) in Afrin canton, the events of the forum were launched in the presence of a group of women from al-Shahba and Afrin cantons, and Aleppo city.

Child labor is a disaster that threatens their future

With the continuation of the campaign to combat child labor, the concerned civil institutions in Girkê Legê area have identified more than 100 children names who have dropped out of schools and work in various professions. While the concerned institutions are seeking to communicate with the people and provide alternatives to curb this phenomenon.

Bashar al-Assad met Putin in Russia

The president of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad met the Russian president Vladimir Putin during a sudden visit of him to Russia, and assured that he is ready to work with whoever want peace and stability in Syria.

al- Bagara sheikh: SDF freed us from the clutches of terrorism

Sheikh Jassim al-Abd al-Hamadeh, one of the sheikhs of al-Bagara clan in Deir ez-Zor city said that the SDF freed them from the clutches of terrorism, and appealed them to continue the liberation campaigns.

40 days passed on Hogir Muhammad martyrdom

“There no difference between the Kurdish, Arab nor Syriac; all of us are brothers” this is what the martyr Hogir Muhammad said to his comrades just before his martyrdom. He was the reporter who used to end his work and help his comrades

“Orgs must fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities towards Deir ez-Zor refugees”

The Co-chair of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council has called on all humanitarian organizations to carry out their responsibilities in helping the displaced people to provide relief and health services to them. He pointed out that the number of displaced people reached more than 15,000 displaced persons.

Ain Issa women “acknowledging ourselves, we were reborn”

The women of Ain Issa district and its countryside expressed their thankfulness to whoever introduced them to the essence of the International Day of Anti-Violence against Women, and they noted that this day has become a day of standing women together against violence and oppression. Moreover, they called for the Syrian Women Council to increase the training courses and the meetings in order to be introduced more and more to their history and reality.

Journalists: Martyr Dilishan opened truth way to us

A number of the martyr Dilishan Ibash’s comrades, as 40 days since her martyrdom passed, asserted that they continuing the path they all took, and will remain a beacon of truth, as the martyr Dilishan and martyr Mustafa Muhammed were

Refugees’ number increasing, organizations reluctant

The number of displaced persons in the housing center and Deir ez-Zor camp in Abu al-Khashab area reached more than 15,000 displaced persons fleeing the conflict zones amid a shortage of tents, and the displaced appeal for the organizations the provide them with assistances.

Executive  Council is optimistic about the bright future of al-Tabqa

The co-chair of Executive Council of Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area Shiyar Muhammad praised the democratic experience in al-Tabqa and considered it a success and an example all over Syria.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







Foreign Relations: Turkish crowds, threats will be met by decisive response


The Foreign Relations Body in the canton of Afrin assured that they would repel any attack by the Turkish occupation army on Afrin with all their strength, appealing to international organizations to assume their responsibilities on the Turkish methods against the region of Afrin, and deter the leadership to stop its interference in the Syrian affairs.


What are Robar, al-Shahba camps children’s demands?


The children of Robar and al-Shahba camps for the displaced in Sherawa district in Afrin canton called for UNICEF and the international associations to work for the return of children to their homes and schools and to stop the bloodshed, battles.


Al-Shahba People accused outdated customs, traditions of practicing violence against women


The men and women of al-Shahba canton have pointed out that the violence ongoing against women is the result of the outdated customs and traditions in the society, and what worsened the situation is the mentality of the mercenary gangs who controlled the area and enslaved the women stressing that the system of Free Women Union of al-Shahba includes positive bases to reinforce women’s will and strengthen their personalities.