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His continuous bleeding for 8 days did not affect his will, his insistence on going on with resistance

he struggled his severe bleeding for 8 days as bleeding continued to cause kidney dryness, as well as wounds in his arms as a result of continuous crawling on his abdomen, taking from the wild herbs food and from the brook water to drink in the midst of extreme climatic conditions.

Destruction’s effects of shelling on Afrin city center

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries shelled Trenda neighborhood in the center of Afrin canton, causing physical damage to civilian houses and property.

YPG reveals record of 3 fighters of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign

The media center of People’s Protection Units (YPG) revealed a record of 3 fighters martyred during their participation in al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.

Martyrdom of  girl, 8 other civilians were wounded by shelling on Basotah

A girl whose age dose n’t exceed 13 years has been martyred , 8 civilans injured by the shelling of the Turkish occupation army on the Basoti village belonging to sherawa district

Turkish occupation escalates shellign on Afrin

Turkish occupation army escalates shelling onthe villages and towns Afrin on the canton

SDF reveals record of 6 fighters martyred in Resistance of the age

(SDF) Media Center revealed a record of 6 fighters martyred during their participation in Resistance of the age, and their response to the Turkish aggression in Afrin

Hadia Yousef: Turkish occupation wants to end Kurdish presence in Afrin

The co-chair of the Constitutive Council of the North Syria Democratic Federation Hadia Yousef has pointed out that the Turkish occupation wants to end the existence of the Kurdish people in Afrin and to thwart the federal project that calls for people’s brotherhood by planting strife between the components of the area and the blatant assault on North Syria.

 Aleppo people enter Afrin canton

Residents of Aleppo city entered Afrin canton, and they continue on their way towards the center of the canton.

Tuehina refugees reject to target Turkey for civilians in Afrin

The refugees people of al-Tuehina camp in al-Jarnyia town of in northern al-Tabqa countryside are considered that the targeting of civilians, especially refugees persons in North Syria in Afrin region is a crime against humanity.

Ali al-Jamili :Turkey is attacking safe area under the pretext of protecting its national security

The supervisor of the Center for Religions in Manbaj Sheikh Ali al-Jamili described the Turkish aggression on Afrin as “far from humanity, religion and morality.” He said Turkey is seeking to cause strife and murder and expand its colonization of Syrian territories at the expense of Syrian blood.

Jenders fronts’ fighters: occupation failed to progress

Turkish occupation army is still floundering on the walls of the Janders area, trying to penetrate without success, as a result of the strong response of (YPG, YPJ) for their attacks. On the other hand, the Turkish artillery bombards the center of Janders area with missiles.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







People of Cil Aga, Tal Kocer donate for Resistance of Age


-People Tal Kocer and Jal Aga districts went to support tents to support the resistance of the Age in Afrin


“Who are people of this house? Do you not understand”


Who are the owners of this house? Do not you understand! We are the real owners of the land, which has received thousands of displaced people on our land, by this sentence the citizen Mohammed Ali expressed his rejection to the Turkish occupation.


Audio record of mercenaries: When we enter any village in Afrin, everything is permitted to us


The Turkish occupation army is organizing new mercenary groups in the Syrian province Idlib with the aim of launching attacks on the Afrin canton through Atmeh own, where there is a camp for the displaced, after failing so far to achieve any real Advance in Afrin.