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Ahmad: coalition must determine its attitude about Turkish aggression

NEWS DESK- The Co-Chair of the Democratic Syrian Council Ilham Ahmad demanded the international coalition to determine its real attitude about the Turkish aggression on Rojava and said “from now on, we would not accept our areas that contain hundred thousands of refugees to be bombarded. The Co-Chair of MSD Ilham Ahmad said in an interview with Hawar news agency after the Turkish aggression on Rojava and Şengal “as YPG and SDF are liberating the area from IS terrorism, the Turkish occupation is launching these attacks on our safe areas”. Ilham Ahmad expressed her utter refusal to these attacks and continued saying “we refuse this completely, and would not accept to be attacked by warplanes so long as it was by the Turkish, Russian, Syrian regimes as our all areas are safe and comprise hundred thousands of refugees”. Ilham Ahmad demanded the international coalition against IS to determine its attitude clearly about the Turkish aggression on YPG positions and command centers. D.H ANHA

Cizîre canton’s men, women and youths head for Qereçox 

Meanwhile, thousands of Cizîre canton are heading to Qereçox Mountains to decry the Turkish aggression on Qereçox and support its people.

DAA: The Turkish aggression aims to cover the referendum failure

The General Coordination of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Rojava assured that the Turkish aggression came to cover its political failure in the referendum, and it stated that these acts would not prevent them from progressing to achieve their aims of getting rid of terrorism and oppression and spreading democracy.

Since SDF launched 4th stage, 35 thousand reached liberated areas

Refugees Affairs Committee in Ain Issa camp revealed the outcome of refugees’ number flowing from IS-held regions in al-Raqqa and nearby areas, and stated that 35 thousand

MSD: aggression on Rojava is a Turkish plan is to foil al-Raqqa campaign

The Democratic Syrian Council (MSD) described the Turkish occupation aggression on Qereçox Mountains and Şengal area as “outrageous aggression” calling for all the Syrian people to express their refusal to the Turkish aggressive policies against the Syrian people.

after Qereçox and Şengal shelling, Turkish movements at Afrin borders

In coincidence with the Turkish occupation army bombardment on Qereçox mountains and Dêrik city villages in Rojava and Şengal district in Başûr Kurdistan, the Turkish aggression continues as increasing movements and military reinforcements along Shia district borders in Afrin canton have been witnessed.

Aldar Khalil calls Cizîre people to head towards Qereçox

The member of the Executive Body in TEV-DAM Aldar Khalil called Cizîre people to head towards Qereçox area in Dêrik in Cizîre canton.

Turkish warplanes bombard Qaraçox, Şengal, and hover over Qamishlo

26 Turkish army warplanes have bombarded Dêrik and 4 of its villages in Cizîre canton and Şengal(Sinjar) and some of its villages on Tuesday at 02:30.

15 thousand refugees fled after opening a safe corridor

15 thousand of refugees from al-Raqqa people fled IS areas after the Democratic Syrian Forces(SDF) opened corridors for insuring their exiting from the areas of clashes. The escaped reached Ain Issa Camp in one batch.

Al-Tabqa: the fiercest confrontations, 72 mercenaries killed

Clashes which erupted on Sunday resulted in dealing strong blows to the mercenaries, 2 amirs and 72 mercenaries were killed and others were captivated. in addition, 10 vehicles were destroyed, two Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have fallen in the battles.

Omar: amid world silence, our aim is helping al-Raqqa refugees

The Co-Chair of Democratic Society Movement (known as TEV-DEM) in Cizîre canton Adalat Omar pointed out that they have launched a campaign to raise funds for al-Raqqa refugees while relief and humanitarian organizations are turning a blind eye to the refugees suffering.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







KNK congratulates people on Kurdish Journalism Day


The Kurdish National Congress (KNK) congratulated all the workers in press field for the occasion of Kurdish Journalism Day.


KNK congratulates Yazidis on Red Wednesday


The Kurdish National Congress (KNK) congratulated the Yazidis on the occasion of the Red Wednesday Day.


Qamishlo Syriacs celebrate Easter


Syriacs in Qamishlo are celebrating in Cizîre canton the Easter in Virgin Mary Church in the city.