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Al-Tabqa Women Council formed Widows Organization

Women Council in al-Tabqa formed “Widows Organization” by the participation of 228 widows from al-Tabqa city and al-Safsafah neighborhood which is east of al-Tabqa city, and Jaabar and Bir al-Sanaa neighborhoods that are located north al-Tabqa city on the other bank of the lake.

Hadiya Yousef: communes’ elections success is a triumph for our great people 

The co-chair of North Syria Federal Council Hadiya Yousef called on people and components of north Syria to vote and select their representatives of communes co-chairs and she said “the elections success is a triumph for our great people”.

Al-Hasakah bids 4 al-Jazeera Tempest martyrs farewell

Hundreds of al-Hasakah canton people have bid 4 martyrs of the People Protection Units farewell, the martyrs falling in al-Jazeera Tempest’s battles were buried in Şehîd Dijwar cemetery in al-Dawoodiya village.

Asayîş, HAT, HPC forces to protect communes’ elections

Asayîş, Anti-Terror Forces (HAT), and Society Protection Forces (HPC) will be working on maintaining security for people during the elections in Rojava areas.

YPG disclosed 8 fighters’ record

People Protection Units (YPG) media center disclosed the record of 8 fighters who martyred during September 15,19 while they were participating in al-Raqqa and al-Jazeera Tempest campaigns.

SDF: we carried out a surprise campaign, 80% of al-Raqqa liberated by now 

Syrian Democratic Forces’ general command said that their forces carried out a surprise and accurate campaign against IS mercenaries in al-Raqqa city and they librated through this campaign a lot of strategic areas, streets and hundreds of families who were used as human shields by IS and, they pointed that 80% of al-Raqqa’s area is liberated till now.

Celebrations, meetings for electoral propaganda continue

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) continues a series of events and activities related to the electoral process to explain the nature of the elections and how to participate effectively in the communes as the elections are approaching, TEV-DEM also urged the people to go to the ballot boxes to vote.

SDF liberated civilians east of the Euphrates

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Deir ez-Zor Military Council liberated hundreds of eastern of the Euphrates villages’ people, and they were taken to safe areas.

Unprecedentedly, “Jinology” Faculty opened in Rojava

The University of Rojava has opened two new faculties; Women’s Science known as Jinology (Jinolojî is a term created by Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan) and Fine Arts, as well as the four faculties that were already opened last year.

Self-Defense Duty fighters: we willingly join al-Jazeera Tempest

The fighters of the duty of self-defense have expressed their readiness to join directly al-Jazeera Tempest to liberate the northern countryside of the city of Deir -ez-Zor and resistance along with the Syrian Democratic Forces.

For this reason, mercenaries would occupy Iska

The mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhet al-Nusra) launch successive attacks on Iska village in Sherawa district in Afrin canton aiming at occupying it. What is the importance of the village, and why they intend to occupy it?



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







He came from Germany, heals al-Raqqa people


The German doctor Michael Wilk came from Germany to the Syrian north in order to provide the civilians who have been liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Raqqa with first aids and help.


SDF approached Euphrates River banks


Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) approached the Euphrates River banks from the east, and they are undergoing strong clashes against IS mercenaries who are being dealt blows one by one.


DMC keeps advancing despite of Syrian and Russian regimes’ aggression


The commander in the Deir ez-Zor Military Council Ahmad Abu Khawla said that the attacks of Syrian and Russian are aggressive, and they aim to stop our advance towards the Euphrates River