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Rojava people bid farewell 4 nationalist martyrs

Hundreds of Dêrik and Girkê Legê people bade farewell the corpses of four nationalist martyrs in the ranks of People Protection Units (YPG) who martyred in the campaign of al-Raqqa liberation towards Başûr Kurdistan crossing Sêmalka border crossing.

Administrative divisions within North-Syria Federation ratified on

The Constituent Council for Democratic North-Syria Federation has ratified on the administrative divisions within the federation, this came after required modifications were conducted by the Constituent Council for Democratic North-Syria Federation.

Revolutionary forces foiled Turkish infiltration

The revolutionary joint forces foiled a Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ infiltration into al-Shahba villages, they also killed 16 mercenaries.

Exhibition showing Kurdish culture in Shieh district

Culture and Art Body of Afrin canton opened in shieh district a folkloric exhibition for the Kurdish people to show and recognize their culture that had been looted for centuries.

A year since Qamishlo terror attack

in July 27, 2016, at 09:25, Qamishlo people opened their eyes on a truck explosion which hit their city leaving 58 martyrs most of them were women and children, also 3 members of Asayîş martyred, 177 people were wounded and massive damage was inflicted to civilians’ properties.

Another IS attack foiled, 44 mercenaries killed since Tuesday

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters foiled the second attack that was launched by IS mercenaries with a group of booby-trapped vehicles and motorbikes in Nazlah Shuhadah neighborhood during morning hours, and 14 mercenaries were killed among them 3 were killed by mines planted by them.

Turkey targets Afrin villages and al-Shahba areas

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted on Tuesday night Afrin canton villages with drones loaded by bombs in coincidence with attacking al-Shahba areas.

Video shows other difficulties of refugees

The camps have no longer coped with the big number of refugees amid continuous displacement towards north of Syria fleeing IS mercenaries’ oppressions and violations.

Afrin people respond again to Turkish attacks

Dozens of thousands people of Afrin canton raised their voices again condemning the Turkish occupation and bombardment on Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas in a massive demonstration which is the second one that has been launched during one month.

A commander: with 200 shells, they targeted Ayn Daqnah

The commander in revolutionary joint forces Siyamend Afrin stated that the Turkish occupation bombarded al-Shahba areas with more than 200 cannons and missile launchers during the last two days. In addition to that, they intensified their movements to launch another fiercest attack after the fighters dealt the Turkish mercenaries blows in Ayn Daqnah.

SDF completely liberated officers’ housing

Before a while, the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have completely liberated the officers’ housing in Nazlah Shuhadah neighborhood, and the clashes resulted in killing 11 mercenaries and 4 of them were kept at the fighters hands.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî






+Nobeta berxwedanê ya HDP`ê kete roja duyemîn

“Justice and Conscience” Sit-in entered its 2nd day


The parliaments of Democratic Peoples’ Party are continuing the sit-in of “Justice and Conscience” which entered its 2nd day.


“Till when and where we would flee Turkish terrorism”


“Wherever we go, pain and sadness precede us. Where is your humanity towards us? till when?, and to where would we fled your brutality?” by these phrases, the refugees in Robar Camp in Sherawa district in Afrin canton expressed their suffering and tragedy amid the Turkish bombardment which targets them every now and then.


Life ceased in Afrin preparing for protest


AFRIN- In preparation for the protest that people will launch […]