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RojavaYouth Union in Aleppo renews promis of  achievement of freedom Ocelan

The Rojava Youth Union in Aleppo has promised to not stop struggle and demand the freedom of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocelan, until Ocelan’s vision of peace and reconciliation between his people, who mocked everything for his freedom, during a statement.

Al-Raqqa Civil Council open 1st  people’s House in al-Hamarat

AL-RAQQA –  Al-Raqqa Civil Council opened the first People’s House in  al-Hamarat area in al-Raqqa ‘s rural area, during a ceremony. In response to the needs and the citizens’ services and their organization, al Raqqa Civil Council opened the People’s House in al-Hamarat area in al-Raqqa’s eastern rural, which considere the first of its kind to open in the area . The ceremony was attended by dozens of residents of al-Karama area, clan elders, internal security forces and fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The opening ceremony  has started with a minute of silence, after which the Co- chair of  al-Raqqa  Civil Council of al-Karama  area Aziz Hassan has blessed the  the People’s House openning to al-Hamarat people.he said that “The war with IS mercenaries has ended in al-Raqqa and its rural , so we have to manage ourselves,the people’s house which we open it today is one of the institutions through which people will be able to manage their affairs and meet their requirements. “ He added that all the people must organize themselves within the People’s House to work together to rebuild  al-Raqqa city on the basis of democracy. “We pledge to protect and preserve this land liberated […]

Hall in Martyrs’ Families institution includes photographs of martyrs of Manbij

In Manbij city has been allocated hall by martyrs families committee and families of the Martyrs institutions pictures have been hunged of martyrs of people Manbij city and its countryside who martyred during the battels against IS gangs and Turkish occupation army and its mercenary gangs as well as those who have contributed to the liberation

Abdel-hamid Mustafa isolation of Ocelan ignorant behavior committed by Turkey

Abdel-Hamid Mustafa is notable from al- Amirit clan in aAfrin canton “”that Ocalan established a strategic thinking and the peoples of the Middle East and the positive impact on the world as a whole, and considered the strict isolation on him ignorant behavior by Turkey and the parties concerned.

Prominent information about Kobani’s University

After the opening of Kobani University by the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), which is the first in the Euphrates region, the students’ number who registered in it has reached 45 students.

8,000 references ,200 surgeries in Martyr Hawker Hospit

More than 8.000 patients have been recieved treating in a month and about 200 Surgeries operations have happened in martyr Hawker hospital in Deirk area and its countryside and provid free medicines

Tribal Solidarity Fund .. Return to the original roots

Takaful fund have been launched by some Arab clans in al- Tabqa city in order to return Its authentic roots and the teachings of its true religion.

Salma Khabour: We hope that new year will be year of liberating all Yazidis ,defeating terrorism

The Co- chair of the Yazidi House, Salma Khabour congratulated Eid al-Yazidis on the general Yazidis and the people of the region. All the fighters who have defeated IS mercenaries and liberated many of the Yazidis

HPG Statement on attacks of Turkish occupation

Media Center HPG issued a written statement about the invasion by the Turkish occupation army of Khakhurk district in Basur Kurdistan on Friday evening

This is Adlib’s people case under IS mercenaries mercy

Mercenary gangs so- called Hayat Tahrir al-Sham(Jabhit al- Nusra) who are dominated to Adlib city supported by Turkish government who are still ongoing brutal practice against of the people there have imposed monopolizing the fuel oil and Additional taxes to the people

In spirit of brotherhood, al-Hasakah people clean their city

In the spirit of brotherhood and communion, al-Hasakah Communes, in coordination with the Municipality have launched a campaign on Friday to clean the streets and the city’s neighborhoods.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







we will protect our land by our revolutionary spirit


Residents of Bulbul and Sherawa districts in Afrin canton of Kurd and Circassians confirmed that the threats of the Turkish occupation army to launch an attack on the Afrin region will not affect their will and their revolutionary spirit, but rather increase their adherence to their land.


US General: Turkey, Qatar are main proponents of extremist Islamic ideology


US national security adviser Gen HR McMaster, said that Turkey and Qatar are the main proponent of extremist Islamic ideology.


People of Janders, Shia celebrate elections success


The candidates of Democratic Nation’s list and the list of the Syrian Democratic Unity Party (Yekiti) won the elections in Janders region and Shia district organized two separate celebrations after the success of the second stage of the democratic federal elections for north Syria in the region.