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The General Command of YPG released a statment

the General Command of People Protection Units said that a joint committee was formed to supervise ceasefire declared to reach a political solution between the Syrian state and the Autonomous Administration, and have assured that it will not hesitate to resort lawful defense right and protect interests of people of different components and sects, and work hard to maintain co-existence.

29 civilians lost their lives in Jarablos

25 civilians lost their lives in the city of Jarablos as a result of the Turkish shelling.

Ardogan declares they will target Kurds not IS 

the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that their goal occupying Jarablos is to target Kurdish people not to fight with ISIS gangs.

Turkish army and mercenaries occupy Jarablos

Deputy of the General Commander of the military council of Jarablos Armanj Jarablos has confirmed that mercenaries led by the Turkish forces got into the city of Jarablos.

Hasake prison a side of the regime’s atrocities

YPG, YPJ, Asayîş forces and Civilians Protection Units liberated the central prison from regime forces in the city of Hasake, prison was a center of torture and intimidation and 61 prisoners were burned to death in 1993.

Assassinator of Jader arrested

Jarablos Military Council denounced the assassination of Abdul Sattar Jader the General Commander of the Jarablos Council, and said that they managed to arrest the assissinators and the secret cell associated affiliated to the Turkish intelligence.

SDF shows its support for Jarablos factions 

SDF have declared its full support for the provisions of the statement issued by the military factions of Jarablos against the Turkish efforts to take control of the city.

Arab civilians help Asayîş forces in Hasake city

Asayîş forces campaign to liberate the city of Hasake from regime forces and its mercenaries is ongoing, with the support of YPG, YPJ and Civilians Protection Units, Arab civilians help the forces to liberate the city.

Kurdistan Region will be countering anyone threatening Iran

head of the General Relations bureau in Kurdistan-Iraq government Abdulla Saleh declared that PM Nijirvan Barzani will be countering anyone threatening the stability of Iran.

Eastern Neshwa is liberated

YPG, YPJ and Asayîş forces liberated Eastern Neshwa neighborhood from regime forces while clashes are ongoing in Laylia neighborhood.

Assistant of Hakan Fidan is in damascus

assistant of the chancellor of the Turkish National Formations visited yesterday Damascus.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







IS prevent people to get out from Shahba area


IS mercenaries prevent residents from Shahba area to get out which led to decline in the flow of displaced people to the canton.


Yazidis in Afrin denounce Sinjar massacre


people of the Yazidi component in Afrin canton recalled the 2nd anniversary of Sinjar(Şengal) massacre by organizing a sit-in.


We should be revolting today for our leader Ocalan


People Congress organization has appealed for a revolution to lift seclusion on the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan and investigate about his health, the co-presidency of the organization said “what Man is capable of doing today, he ought to do it, perhaps tomorrow would be too late”