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Wrath of Euphrates: Tabqa Operation put to start

The Wrath of Euphrates Operations Room General Command has issued a written statement on the airdrop to the west of the Euphrates today.

Turkish shelling on Afrin: 4 wounded, 300 shells  

Turkish occupation army has been shelling during the past two days Afrin villages with more than 300 shells leaving huge damage to civilians’ properties and many were wounded.

Afrin Executive Board: we will resort to legal self-defense 

The Executive Board in Afrin canton said that they have the right to self-defense against Turkish aggression on Afrin villages lying at the borders.

Statement issued by General Command of Roj-Ava Asayîş Forces

The General Command of Asayîş forces has released on Wednesday a statement stating that Newroz celebrations have ended without reporting any accidents, threats, or terrorist acts.

Operation Wrath of Euphrates: Cedîdit Mexyet liberated

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters leading the Raqqa operation liberated the Cedîdit Mexyet village from ISIS occupation.

Shervan Derwîsh: Manbij was reborn with Newroz

Celebrations to welcome the Kurdish New Year Newroz have begun in Manbij city with the Newroz fire lit by the mothers of martyrs.

YPG Spokesman: Agreement made with Russia

The People’s Defense Units (YPG) Spokesman Redur Khalil stated that Russian army units will be based in the district of Jandaris of the Afrin Canton under the agreement with Russia.

KNK: on Newroz 2017, Kurdish unity should be shining

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) congratulated all Kurdistan people on Newroz and said “at this sensitive stage of liberation struggle to reach free Kurdistan, Newroz light should be shining on Kurdistan people unity and Kurdistan unity”.

YPJ: Middle East people created Kawa of the age against Zahak

The General Command of YPJ revolted against the authoritative regimes in the area, and said that people of the area created kawa of the age against Zahak.

The Newroz torch is lit in manbij

Newroz Eid celebrations have been begun minutes ago amid Mustafa Abo al-Foz songs, rings were held too by the celebrators, and Newroz torch was lit by Martyrs Families.

Manbij people celebrate Newroz Eid

Manbij people are celebrating Newroz Eid( which signifies the beginning of Spring) for the first time after its liberation under the slogan” With Newroz Soul, Towards Building the Democratic Nation”.



3 ISIS tanks seized by YPG and YPJ in Kobanî







ANHA captures first photos from liberated West Menxer Hill


ANHA correspondents following the Operation Wrath of Euphrates campaign to liberate Raqqa city shared the first photos captured from West Menxer Hill.


SDF fighters liberate 3 more villages in Wrath of Euphrates


In the third phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, fighters on the fourth front advanced by 7 km and and liberated three villages.


YPJ spokeswoman visits Manbij Military Council


Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) spokeswoman Nasrin Abdullah visited the fighters of the Manbij Military Council in order to strengthen relations between the Rojava and Northern Syria military forces and to evaluate the developments in the region.