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10 fighters join SDF ranks in Hasaka

HASAKA – The Martyr Sozdar Derik education cycle attended by 210 fighters has concluded in the Martyr Xanım Diyab Academy.HSK-DAWYKIRINA-PERWERDEYE-JINEN-QSD ‫(171180545)‬ ‫‬

The closing parade of the training held at the academy began with the military ceremony of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters in the Hasaka Canton of the Cizre Federal District. SDF commander Sarya Evindar pointed out in her speech afterwards that the education intends to provide experience to the fighters.

Sarya Evindar continued, “The ISIS gangs are suffering heavy blows in their capital of Raqqa. Thanks to the fighters who are fighting on the basis of the democratic nation, people’s brotherhood and common life, the gangs are vanishing. We promise to our martyrs; we will be the followers of their way until the end.”

After the speeches, the fighters gave their military oaths. The closing ceremony then ended with Dîlan (Kurdish folk dance). The education cycle is named after Sozdar Derik, who was martyred in the Raqqa Liberation Campaign.