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100 Arab young men joined SDF


GIRÊ SIPÎ- 100 Arab young men from al-Kaltah joined the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) aiming to participate in Wrath of Euphrates campaign of al-Raqqa liberation after they saw SDF victories and defense of all people.

In the beginning, Hamzah Judy one of al-Kaltah village people that is 30 km north of al-Raqqa started joining SDF, and he had another role as he encouraged 100 young men from his village to join and participate in the academy of the Şehîd (Martyr) Aziz Arab for receiving military training courses.HEMZA CUDI

The Şehîd Aziz Arab Academy that is related to SDF is allocated for military training courses, and it was opened by SDF in September 28, 2016 in one of the northern villages of al-Raqqa after it was liberated from IS’ mercenaries.

7 courses’ members have graduated from the academy till now, and the current course of training is the 8th. The number of the fighters that graduated from the academy is about 200 fighters most of them from the Arabic component in addition to the Kurdish and Turkmen components.

The current course that has been opened by SDF recently has a unique impression as it comprises 100 fighters from one village (al-Kaltah village 30 km north of al-Raqqa), and they are receiving the training together.

Judy joined SDF after al-Kaltah village has been liberated from IS’ mercenaries in order to contribute to the liberation of the northern countryside of al-Raqqa.

Judy stated that amongst the ranks of SDF, he was convinced that the only force that defends all the Syrian people components and includes men and women from all components was Syrian Democratic Forces. In addition to that, Judy described SDF the liberated forces that call for the coexistence between all the Syrian people components.

Judy assured that the aim of his joining SDF is “to complete the liberation of the northern countryside of al-Raqqa and al-Raqqa city from IS hands to live a better life on the principle of the democratic nation philosophy of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The 8th course of training in the Şehîd Aziz Arab Academy was opened on May 9 and it is supposed to end after a month after the fighters receive the ideological and military courses to participate in al-Raqqa city liberation battles among the ranks of SDF.