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1000 refugees reach Afrin wihin 24 hours

AFRIN – more than a 1000 refugees arrived at Afrin coming from different Syrian areas especially Shahba in the last 24 hours, the refugees assured that the mercenaries are kidnapping anyone over 11 years old besides using civilians as human shields. EFRIN-NERINEN-KOCBERAN-DEJI-ZULMEN-DAISE-U-WAN-DEKEN-MERTALEN-ZENDI (2)

The concerned authorities permitted 1000 refugees in the canton according to Asayîş forces that are receiving them at the entrance of the canton.

Many refugees spoke about the causes behind their displacement, which are majorly IS and the Coalition’s horrible acts regardless of the occupation of their areas.

They escaped IS aggression

(J.O) is a citizen from Manbij said” we escaped IS mercenaries’ unfair acts, they did nothing except killing and prevailing destruction”.

Using civilians as human shields

(M.H) from Manbij said” IS mercenaries are carrying out the worst aggressive methods against civilians: executing people for unjust reasons, imposing black clothes on women”.

(M.H) added that as soon as Manbij forces reached the city, the mercenaries started using civilians as human shields, and planting mines in their houses to prevent them from escaping”.

The mercenaries are kidnapping youths over 11EFRIN-NERINEN-KOCBERAN-DEJI-ZULMEN-DAISE-U-WAN-DEKEN-MERTALEN-ZENDI (1)

In a relevant concern, (H.K) from Manbij pointed out that they are subjected to the aggression and tyranny of IS mercenaries” recently, IS resorted to kidnapping youths over 11, in order to be enlisted in the ongoing battles”.

Appeals are made to liberate them

It noteworthy that every refugee getting to Afrin has a sole wish; they ask SDF to liberate their areas from the mercenaries.

Afrin Canton has been receiving refugees since May 25 from different Syrian areas, mostly are women and children.



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