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1,150 emigrants enter Afrin canton

AFRIN- More than 1,150 emigrants enter Afrin canton escaping from the oppression of Daesh mercenaries and the Turkish shelling of Shahba regions.efrin-kocber-ber-dwemae-2

Displacement movement continues daily to Afrin canton after Daesh delivered the two villages(Soran and Dabeq) to the Turkish army.

One of the migrants who came from Soran village said that the residents of village have left their houses because of the constant bombardment by the Turkish warplanes and he said that most of them have escaped through olive orchards and camps existing in Shamarin village.

According to the supervisors at the eastern entrance of the canton, more than 1,150 emigrants have entered Afrin coming from Shaba, Jarablus, al-Rai and Bab in addition to Deir ez- Zor governorate, and they pointed out that the emigrants went to Robar and Shahba camps and some of them went to the other Syrian cities like Damascus, Idleb and Aleppo.

Shahba regions witness a heavy emigration movement which has increased after the “Euphrates Shield” operation by the Turkish army and its mercenaries in last August 24, and this emigration is the result of the shelling of the Turkish and global coalition warplanes and the violation of the mercenaries supported by Turkey.

This systemized operation comes by the Turkish army and Daesh mercenaries in order to change the demography of the area and keeping it in perpetual war.