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 12 protesters killed in Iran

NEWDESK – 12 people have been killed  by Security forces during protests for the 5 day in Iran

and numbers the victims have risen continuously

Iranian state television announced that 12 people had been killed in the protests in the country, claiming that the security forces confronted “armed demonstrators” who tried to storm the police and army headquarters.

“Some of the armed demonstrators tried to control some police stations and military bases, but they were met with strict resistance from the security forces,” the Iranian television report said

According to the media, clashes continued with the riot police in Ardabil city , and the citizens raised the slogan “to release the political prisoner”, and clashed with the elements of the riot police in Sanandaj city , and the attack by elements of the regime in Khorram Darh city on the demonstrators to confrontations, Tear the demonstrators.

Iran has been witnessing since Thursday demonstrations in protest against the poor policies of the state and repression of the people and foreign intervention, in addition to bad living conditions that  they are suffering from them, and began protests from Mashhad city  (Northwest) and spread to the rest of the country.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has threatened anti-government protesters to retaliate with an iron fist if political protests continue.