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1,500 mines dismantled in western al-Raqqa villages


-RAQQA- Dismantling mines teams within Wrath of Euphrates operation room have removed 1,500 mines and managed to blast 7 bombed cars during the 2nd phase of Wrath of Euphrates.reqqa-mayna-heta-nha-1500-mayn-rakrin-%e2%80%ab-1

Wrath of Euphrates’ 2nd phase launched in December 10 moved starting from two axes; Qaderiyah and Kardoshan villages.

As soon as these villages were liberated, mines dismantling teams began securing the liberated villages in preparation for its residents return.reqqa-mayna-heta-nha-1500-mayn-rakrin-%e2%80%ab-3

Since the beginning of the campaign, teams managed to dismantle 1,500 mine despite the poor possibilities they have.

The teams also managed to blow up 7 cars of different kinds, and have dismantled 5 bombed cars by ISIS mercenaries.

Dismantling mines teams aim at combing and clearing these liberated villages completely maintaining safety of civilians who are returning home soon after combing is finished.