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1,500 refugees reach Afrin

AFRIN- 1,500 refugees from different regions, particularly those occupied by the Turkish occupying army have reached Afrin canton in coincidence with Turkish shelling on al-Bab.

Displacement movements continue from different Syrian regions due to the attacks of the Turkish army and the systemized displacement followed by the groups occupying their regions, the refugees have headed for Afrin canton where people enjoy security.

1,500 refugees from al-Bab, al-Raqqa, Dair al-Zor, Jarablus and Palmyra have reached Afrin escaping the practices of the occupying Turkish army and their mercenaries on the one hand, and ISIS mercenaries of the other hand.

Asayîş forces in the Shera checkpoint received the refugees and started listing their names in their archives, in addition to taking many other measures to prevent any mercenaries from sneaking to the canton.

The Turkish warplanes continue launching raids on al-Bab and have killed in the past 48 hours 9 civilians, according to local sources which preferred anonymity.