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1,600 recruits finish Self-Defense duty


NEWS DESK-  About 1,600 fighters from Self-Defense finished the military training course in al-Jazeera (Cizîre) canton within the 28th course.

The fighters are distributed into 2 academies; one of them Şehîd Nidal Youssef Academy in the countryside of southern Qamişlo, and Şehîd Majd Othman Academy in Tal Koçer.

The graduation was celebrated by grand ceremonies in the two academies and they were attended by some Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) officials, the Constituent Council of the democratic federal regime of north of Syria, the general command of Self-Defense in Cizîre canton, a number of martyrs’ families in addition to representatives of civil and military institutions.

During the ceremonies of the two academies, the fighters have sworn the military oath. Then, Self-Defense’s Copper Band played some music in the ceremonies.

The ceremonies ended by dancing in rings with popular and national songs.

The fighters would be deployed to their points after they would have taken a break for a week.