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17 mercenaries killed, a bomb-laden vehicle destroyed


AL-RAQQA– 17 mercenaries were killed in the clashes that erupted in al-Raqqa neighborhoods since last night including a sniper, the fighters also destroyed a bomb-laden vehicle before reaching its target, meantime, clashes are ongoing in Hisham Bin Abdul Malik neighborhood.

Al-Raqqa Great Battle launched 64 days ago is going on achieving more progress.

In Nazlet Shehada neighborhood which lies south of al-Raqqa city, clashes erupted between Syrian Democratic Forces fighters and IS gangs; in the result of this, 5 mercenaries have been killed.

Old al-Raqqa neighborhood east of the city also witnessed clashes between Syrian Democratic Forces and IS gangs which resulted in killing 3 mercenaries including a sniper, the mercenaries then tried to launch attacks with bombed vehicles on the fighters’ points in the neighborhood, but the fighters managed to destroy it before reaching its target.

While Hisham Bin Abdul Malik southeast of al-Raqqa city, fighters have been engaged in clashes since last night and 9 mercenaries were killed.