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17 mercenaries killed in al-Raqqa


AL-RAQQA– Syrian Democratic Forces destroyed an IS bomb-laden vehicle, in addition to that, 17 mercenaries including a sniper were killed in the clashes that erupted on Friday in al-Raqqa city neighborhoods.

Launched 68 days ago, al-Raqqa liberation campaign continues and in the result of the clashes that erupted on Friday, 17 mercenaries were killed and dozens were wounded.

In Old al-Raqqa neighborhood, SDF fighters blasted a bombed vehicle sent by IS mercenaries before reaching its target and the two mercenaries within it were killed.

4 Syrian Democratic Forces fighters were wounded, but their situation is stable now.

In a relevant concern, fierce clashes were going on in al-Rowda neighborhood where 9 mercenaries were killed in the neighborhood.

During the intermittent clashes in al-Barid neighborhood between SDF and IS gangs, 6 IS mercenaries including a sniper were killed.