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17 women military forces reach Kobanî to participate in women forum 

KOBANÎ- 17 women’s military powers reached Kobanî canton to participate in protection and women forum to be held on Sunday. DRK-DAWIKIRINA-HAZIRTIYA-KOMCIVINE (1)

After two-month preparations to hold this forum where 27 women forces from all over the Middle East will participate in. The preparatory committee finished the last preparations on Saturday, and 17 women’s military forces reached Kobanî to participate in the forum.

The forum hall was ornamented with flags of the participant forces, the pictures of the strugglers Sakina Jancisiz and Shelan Kobanî in addition to dozens of the women fighters that martyred during Rojava revolution for the freedom of women and the freedom of societies, and the forum’s slogan “The Autonomous Power of Women is the Immunity of Free Women is the immunity of free women” in Kurdish, Arabic, and Syriac”.DRK-DAWIKIRINA-HAZIRTIYA-KOMCIVINE (2)

A member of the preparatory committee and the spokesperson in the name of YPJ in Rojava Nesrin Abdullah said that they finished all the necessary preparations to hold the forum and that they are ready to hold the forum on Sunday in Kobanî canton.

Nesrin stated that 27 military forces will participate in this forum especially women over the Middle East. Till now, 17 military forces of women have reached Kobanî. Those are from YPJ (Women Protection Units), HPJ (Women Protection Forces) in Rojhelat (East Kurdistan), Women Asayîş Forces, Manbij Military Council, women fighters in SDF, Shahba Women Protection Front, KADIN ÖZGÜRLÜK GÜCÜ, tkp/M, Jarablos Protection Units, Women Protection Forces Bein al-Nahrein, MLKPA/ KKO, anti-terrorist units, Şengal-Women Protection Units, and YPS ، YJA-STAR.DRK-DAWIKIRINA-HAZIRTIYA-KOMCIVINE (3)

The other forces number and the number of representatives will reach 160 representatives according to Nesrin Abdullah.

About the reason of selecting Kobanî canton to hold this forum, the spokesperson in the name of YPJ said “Kobanî is the city of resistance, and in Kobanî, YPJ started the most wonderful heroic epics and by its great resistance and struggle it could reach the power of women to all over the world. In Kobanî, women became the symbol of resistance so we wanted to hold the first contract of the forum in the resistant Kobanî, and open a developed way for women in the history”.

Nesrin Abdullah concluded describing this forum as a historic step and said “this forum will make a great resonance all over the world because it is the first forum of such a kind among the women forces to consolidate the principle of the project defense”.