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170 applications for communes’ co-chairs candidacy in al-Hasakah

AL-HASAKAH-  The High Commission of elections in al-Hasakah city received 170 applications for candidacy to the commune’s co-chairs as dozens of people are daily flocking to the commission’s office.

The candidacy to the communes’ co-chairs was opened, and the commission’s office was appointed to receive al-Hasakah people applications.  HSK-GEL-NAVE-XWE-DIDE-BU-KOMINA (7)

The co-chair of the High Commission of elections in al-Hasakah canton Hussein Ali al-Salman noted that there is a high turnout of candidacy’s applications including Arabs and Kurds as the number of people who applied for candidacy reached 170.

Al-Salman said “the commission are daily receiving dozens of applications for candidacy, and the bulk of the applications are occupied by women”.

In addition, the citizen Basma Khalaf from Tel Baydar town noted that she applied for candidacy to the communes’ co-chairs to be the voice of the area’s people.HSK-GEL-NAVE-XWE-DIDE-BU-KOMINA (8)

Basma Khalaf called for people to come to the commission’s office and elect themselves if they are capable to help the area’s people”