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Tribal meeting ended supporting federalism 


GIRE SIPI- The activities of Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen clans’ meeting with the representatives of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) and Democratic North-Syria Federation ended assuring to support federalism and its elections.MENSUR SELUM

The meeting was held under tents in Tanhoza village west of Girê Sipî as the Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen clans in the area met, and after holding a minute of silence, the co-chair of DAA in Girê Sipî Hamdan al-Abd delivered a speech and assured that the power of their massage gathers them on Girê Sipî lands to support federalism and assure on the will of the area’s people to manage their areas’ administration themselves.FERHAD DERIK

Then, the co-chair of the Constituent Council of Democratic North-Syria Federation Mansour al-Salloum delivered a speech saying “this meeting is the meeting of affection, peace and fraternity to express our love to each other by supporting the federalism elections standing against  the conspiracies that are plotted against the Syrian people. We are also undergoing a fierce battle against the mercenaries and their supporters”.ENWER MISLIM

Al-Salloum made it clear that the announcement of federalism was at the request of people and it is not imposed on them. Al-Salloum called for all north of Syria people to join the project and participate in the elections by their will to determine their fate.

In addition, the member of Executive Body of Constituent Council of Democratic North-Syria Federation Ferhad  Dêrik assured that the federal project is coming and no forces in the world could stand against a project that was chosen by the people, Ferhad Dêrik also assured that the federalism is the project and the most suitable solution to achieve equality and justice in the Syrian society.ATIYA HIWEDI

The Executive Council’s head in Kobanî canton Anwar Muslem delivered a speech and congratulated on the meeting of the great peoples, and assured that the unity of peoples today and their meeting is to express their will to choose their administration system was by virtue of the martyrs’ sacrifices, and this unity foiled all racial plots.

Speeches were concluded by the Sheikh Atiyah al-Hwaydy speech that was delivered in the name of Arab clans thanking the DAA for this action and this meeting, and al-Hwaydy said “we support federalism because it is the optimum solution for the Syrian people’s co-existence” peacefully”.

The meeting was ended by eating a banquet which was prepared by the DAA for the attendees.