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Êzidîs in Şingal establish own assembly

NEWS DESK – 200 Êzidî (Yazidi) delegates attended a meeting on Mount Şingal (Sinjar) on 14 January at which the decision was taken to establish an assembly, the Assembly of Sinjar Yazidis. The 200 delegates represented Yazidis staying at the Newroz camp in Rojava, those living in camps in South Kurdistan and those sheltering on Mount Sinjar. The delegates decided to establish an assembly in order to counter the lack of unity that led to the massacres perpetrated by ISIS on 3 August.

The 200 delegates who attended the meeting were joined by PUK Mosul deputy chair Hisên Derman, Federation of Yazidi Associations in Europe co-presidents Zerdeşt Gunay and Alî Atalan and Yazidi Foundation in Turkey chair Azad Barış, who all made speeches at the meeting.

Self-determination is our most legitimate right

The meeting began at 9 am and, after a minute’s silence to respect the fighters who have fallen during the resistance in Sinjar, TEV-DA (Yazidi Democracy and Freedom Movement) president Seîd Hesen thanked the YPG-YPJ and HPG-YJA-Star forces for opening the humanitarian corridor that saved the lives of tens of thousands of Yazidis in August when the ISIS attacks took place, and for defending the people who resisted. “In order for such tragedies not to be repeated the Yazidi people must unite religiously and socially. We must determine our own destiny. This is our most natural right. The Yazidi faith and community is peace-loving and has never persecuted or oppressed anyone. We will take our revenge by organising and rebuilding our community to exercise our right of self-determination.”

Alliance, organisation and self-defence

Speakers drew attention to the Yazidis’ lack of unity and organisation, which opened the way to the massacres of 3 August last year. The need for alliances, organisation and self-defence was established, and it was emphasised that young women and men who wished to join the ranks of the YBŞ (Sinjar Resistance Units) should not be obstructed.

5 committees were set up in order to organise the Yazidi community. The Alliance and Organisation Committee, Defence Committee, Finance and Economy Committee, Diplomacy Committee and a Truth Inquiry Committee tasked with finding out what happened to those people who were abducted and killed by the ISIS gangs.

Transitional Constituent Assembly set up

The decision was taken to establish a transitional constituent assembly with 27 members, called the Meclîsa Êzdiyên Şengalê, Meclîsa Avaker a Demkî (Assembly of Sinjar Yazidis – Transitional Constituent Assembly). The 27 members were elected from those on Mountg Sinjar, those living in the Newroz camp in Rojava and those living in camps in South Kurdistan.

The meeting also discussed the situation of Yazidis from Sinjar who have been dispersed to all four parts of Kurdistan. It was noted that the attendance of Yazidis living in camps in North Kurdistan was low, and a decision was taken to increase the representation of these refugees in the assembly.

‘We have written a new page in history’

Seîd Hesen made the closing speech, saying that a historic first step had been taken towards organisation and unity in the Yazidi community. We have written a new page in history and we will determine our own destiny. We call on Yazidis living in all four parts of Kurdistan and in Europe to join the alliance and strengthen this historic step,” he said.