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1st Arabian horses’ festival organized in al-Tabqa

AL-TABQA- Al-Tabqa Youth Council is preparing for launching a festival for the pure Arabian horses within its strives at reviving the area’s culture that was scorched by the regime and the mercenary gangs that successively occupied the city.TIBQA-WEK BEŞEK KAMPANYA (1)

After the marginalization practiced by the regimes that ruled al-Tabqa city against the culture of the ancient city and its traditions starting with the Baathist regime that prevailed its oppressive thoughts that led to obliterating the origins of monuments of the city and its people’s traditions and culture passing to the domination of the Free Army mercenaries who were not better to their predecessors as their only interest was to gain money and authority, and ending with the control and rule of IS mercenaries whose obscurantist policy practiced against al-Tabqa people was clear to everybody.

After al-Tabqa city has been liberated by the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the middle of 2017, the city witnessed a great interest of reviving al-Tabqa culture and traditions.

Launching from that, and within the Revolt campaign, al-Tabqa Youth Council is organizing a festival for the Arabian horses this week.MNEOAR

According to the co-chair of Sport and Youth Committee in the Executive Council of the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa city Menawar al-Addad, the festival would last for one day with the participation of 11 knights from al-Tabqa and its countryside, and a number of the horses that reaches 20 horses. During the festival, horseback riding skills would be shown.

Al-Addad assured that this festival would be the beginning of horses’ championship that would be held next Spring with a wide participation, and a place would be prepared for this championship where all needs; a widespread area, jumping barriers, and stables for horses would be available.