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1st children festival begun in the Euphrates region

KONBAI- Events of the 1st children festival in the Euphrates region have been launched with the motto” With Artistic Games, Ornament Children’s Imagination.”KOBANI-MIHRGAN-ZAROKA-DIS-BI-KIR-1-300x200

Events of the first children Festival in the Baqi Khado Center for Culture and Art have been launched in the Euphrates region under the motto” With Artistic Games, Ornament Children’s Imagination.”

Noticeable presence of children from Kobani, Ain Issa, Tel Abyad, Sareen and Manbij was clear and dozens of bands of different Carcassion, Turkmen, Kurdish, Arabic and Armenian components from these cities have also partook the festival.

The head of the Executive Council Anwar Muslim, his deputy Khaled Berkal, co-chair of the Legislative Council Foziya Abdi and a number of the canton’s institutions and bodies’ co-chairs and directors have also attended.

It is supposed that the festival’s events last for two days, performing different artistic presentations like singing, dancing, performing plays, delivering poems and children’s games.