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1st conference of SWC, essential to unify women’s efforts



MANBAJ– Syrian writer and poet Rola Hassan pointed out that holding the constituent conference of the Syrian Women Council is the main step to unify women’s efforts to achieve their full rights. “We must focus on young women so that we can build a new Syria with new women hands,” she said.

The writer and poet Rola Hassan told the Hawar news agency after participating in the first constituent conference of the Syrian Women Council held in the city of Manbaj, Rola began her speech appealing of the efforts made to hold this conference aimed at uniting women throughout Syria.

Rola pointed out that the convening of the conference is the basic step to unify the efforts of women in order to achieve their full rights in society, especially under the circumstances experienced by Syrian cities

“It is not possible to reach an organized society if the women are not conscious and organized, and it is necessary to focus on the young women who emerged from the air of war,” she said. “Therefore, women must regain their self-confidence”. “Asserting that from this point a new society will be built at women’s hands”.

Rola Hassan said in an interview “This is my first visit to the north of Syria, although some of it has been destroyed by IS mercenaries,” said Rola Hassan. “Despite all the attacks, I have seen security and organization in all respects. Here this is what caught my attention. “

At the end of her speech, Rola Hassan appealed to all women outside Syria to support and support the Syrian Women Council in order to obtain their rights.