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1st training course for communes’ co-chairs in Deir-ez-Zor

 DEIR-EZ-ZOR–The first training session for the co-chairs of communes has been opened by Deir-ez-Zor Civil Council in Abo-Khashab areaDERALZOR-VIKRNA-DIWRA (1)

Aiming to improve the intellectual and administrative development of the co–chairs communes in Abo-Khshab area belonging to Deir-ez-Zor city, in order to be able to perform their duties to serve the community and organize it better. Closed training course has been opened by Deir –ez-Zor Ccivil Council, the first of its kind in the region which will last for one month.

The training session was attended by 50 trainees from the co-chairs of the participants and representatives of the service committees of the council.

The participants will learn intellectual lessons on “self-protection, culture and ethics, federalism, the importance of training, women’s science, the democratic nation”, as well as lessons on autonomous administration and councils.