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2 children injured by a cluster bomb in al-Shahba

AFRIN- A cluster bomb explosion in the village of Tal- Ajar in al-Shahba canton in Afrin region caused two brothers to be severely injured.

According to the information center of the Asayîş forces in Afrin canton, the two children, Mohammed Hanash, 6, and Ghassan Hanash, 8, from the village of Tal- Ajar in al Shahba canton in Afrin region, were wounded by a bomb planted by IS mercenaries.

According to the Office for Combating Organized Crime, as a result of the investigations it was found that the bomb was cluster-type and has been planted in an agricultural patch near the children’s.

Asayîş forces have rushed to help the two children and take them to Afrin Hospital in the Afrin canton. According to the medical staff at the hospital, the two children sustained injuries throughout their bodies and their condition was stable.