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2 villages liberated, 9 mercenaries killed in Deir–ez- Zor


DEIR EZ- ZOR- The fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have liberated two villages in two axis Mercada and Sor killing 9 IS mercenaries during the clashes in the area, and the fighters destroyed an IS mercenary bombed vehicle.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces are continuing their advance in the “al–Jazeera Tempest “campaign, which has entered its 33rd day successively, as the fighters achieve more victories.

In the context of this campaign, the fighters in the Mercada axis have liberated this morning the village of al-Kubra on the Khabour River. During the clashes that erupted in the village since yesterday until the morning, the fighters destroyed a booby-trapped armored vehicle that IS gangs had prepared to detonate.

The fighters (SDF) in the Sor axis have also liberated this morning the village of al-Mawalh, located north of Sor. During clashes between fighters and IS mercenaries in the village, 9 IS mercenaries were killed.

The SDF fighters have been able to liberate the two villages after strong, night-long clashes between fighters and IS mercenaries.

The SDF fighters are still continuing their advance.