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20 women in Qamişlo join YPJ ranks


QAMIŞLO – 20 young women from Kurdish and Arab communities in Cezîre Canton joined the ranks of YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) following basic training.

The new YPJ fighters were trained at Şehîd (Martyr) Nejbîr Military Academy. The training program was held in memory of Şehîd Can Welat and offered courses on ideology, history of women, the natural society, legitimate self-defense, history of Kurdistan, democratic nation, jineolojî, and military skills.

Following the end of the program that lasted 2 months, the academy organized a ceremony for the new YPJ fighters. Dîcle Nîl, one of the YPJ commanders in Cezîre Canton, made a speech at the ceremony and said ‘women have the ability to organize themselves and fight against the patriarchy to get their rights and defend their land. Women also have the right to participate in defense’.

YPJ Commander Nîl also celebrated the birthday (April 4) of the leader of Kurds Abdullah Öcalan and said thanks to Öcalan’s philosophy women could gain their freedom.

The ceremony ended after the new YPJ fighters danced with the revolutionary songs of YPG and YPJ.