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220 fighters from  al-Tabqa joined 1st training course at Martyr Khalid Alaiwi Academy

AL-TABQA- The Martyr Khalid Alaiwi Academy opened its first course with the participation of 220 fighters under the name of the Martyr Khalid Alaiwi in one military regiment during a ceremony held in al-Boassi village that is located west of al-Tabqa city.TIBQA-HEZEN QSD (3)

The opening of this course marks an important step in strengthening the defensive system in al-Tabqa whose Legislation Council is expected to ratify the Self-Defense Duty in the coming period.

the co-chair of the Defense Committee in the Democratic Civil Administration in al-Tabqa Mohammed Khalid, the two commanders in the Syrian Democratic Forces Rojda Valat and Roney Hassen, the co-chair of the Legislative Council of al-Tabqa city Rawshen Hami Region, and another number of the co-chairs of the Executive Council’s committees in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area attended the ceremonies.

The opening began with performing a military parade by the fighters in conjunction with holding a minute of silence. Then, a speech was delivered  by the co-chair of the Defense Committee Mohammad Khalid, in which he spoke about the current political situation, and the need to establish military forces for protection. Mohammad Khalid said “If we are not strong, everybody will fight us , but when we are strong, nobody will be able to fight us.”

In last November, the first military regiment formation was announced in al-Tabqa .TIBQA-HEZEN QSD (1)

Khalid added “Today, you see that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are the strongest on this land, and proved their strength to everybody, and the lands they have liberated are the greatest example for that.” Then, the 220 fighters swore the oath to protect and defend the land.

The military regiment consists of4 battalions, each of which consists of 55 fighters, and the fighters will undergo intellectual and military courses during the course.

The ceremony concluded with dancing in rings with the Arab and Kurdish songs, and all the attendees participated in the dance.

It is worth mentioning that the martyr Khalid Alaiwi martyred in the battle of al-Raqqa city liberation which ended with a historic Triumph for the fighters of SDF.