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23 bakeries were activated in al-Raqqa liberated areas



AIN ISSA– The Bakeries Committee in al- Raqqa Civil Council activated 23 bakeries in the district of Ain Issa and countrysides of the city of al- Raqqa to provide bread in the whole region.EYN ISA-VEKIRINA-23-FIRIN-LI-HERIMEN-RIZGARKIRI ‫(1)‬

After the liberation of Ain Issa district and its countryside and the rural areas of the city of al-Raqqa, the service committees in the al-Raqqa Civil Council started work in full swing to provide all the area’s supplies of water, food and other life necessities, perhaps the most important of which was the opening of the bakeries in the liberated areas after restoration of security and safety and people’s return to it.

The Bakeries Committee in the al-Raqqa Civil Council worked within two months to open 23 bakeries in the liberated areas of countrysides al–Raqqa in addition to Ain Issa district and its countryside in the canton of Tel Abyed (Girê Sipî) in the Euphrates region, and these bakeries were able to fulfill the needs of the people to provide bread, which reached the production of each bakeries every day more than 10 thousand bread pack.MISTEFA ABAS

The bakeries Committee opened an bakery in the village of Al-Hisha, Tal- al-Saman, Hazima, Al-Qahtaniyah, Tishreen, Rabia, Al-Zahra and several other bakeries

The bakeries Committee provides the flour from the pre-existing warehouse in the area, as well as the Democratic Autonomous administration of Tel- Abyed (Girê Sipî) supplied them with flour.

The flour is stored in al- khyalah and al-Salhya mill, where these mills produce 100 tons of flour daily, thus ensuring the area need for bread.

The price of the bread package was charged by the Committee of Bakeries and Mills at 160 LL and bread will be distributed through delegates.MIHEMED YASIN

In this regard, a member of the Committee of Bakeries and Mills in al-Raqqa civil council Mustafa Abbas Said that the Committee has activated 23 bakeries during the two months and the committee is currently operating the bakeries of the northern Tel al-Saman to secure the bread with the amount of 100 packs a day, which fulfills the need of the village and neighboring villages

On his part, the supervisor of the bakeries of Martyr Botan Bakery in the district of Ain Issa Mohammed al-Yasin, “The daily production capacity of the bakeries is 7,500 packs and the bakery is working 22 hours a day.