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243 fighters join the ranks of the Manbej Military Council


Manbij – 243 fighters joined the ranks of the Manbej Military Council after finishing a training course at the Martyr Faisal Abu Laila Military Academy, under the name” Martyr Rafi bin Laden.”

The Martyr Faisal Abu Laila Academy for the forces of the Manbij Military Council graduated 243 fighters carrying the name “Rafi bin Laden”, which lasted for one month on a regular basis, the fighters have received military lessons and war tactics, as well as intellectual lessons.


The ceremony was attended by the Co-chair of the Defense Committee in Manbij Nofha Suleiman, the commander of the   Manbij Military Council and its villages Mohammed Abu Adel, the spokesman of the Manbij Military Council Shervan Darwish, the Co-chair of the Youth and Sports Committee Mohsen al-Jassim and the Deputy Co–chair Thuraya Ishaq, in addition to the presence of dozens of members of the Arab democratic youth and members of civil and military institutions.

At the graduation ceremony, which began with a minute of silence, the leader of the Manbij military council, Ibrahim al-Hamdan, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the end of the course for the fighters and administrators in charge of the course. “We hope that the participating comrades have benefited from the military experience to stand in the battlefields facing the dangers facing us.


Hoping the participants all the success and be in full readiness to defend the land and honor and all the Syrian land in all its components, and this is the covenant we have made on ourselves and our martyrs who had sacrificed for these values.”

After finishing, the graduating fighters then performed the military oath in front of the audience. The fighters then joined the ranks of the Manbij Military Council.

The graduation ceremony ended with the Dabke while folkloric songs were played by the graduates.

It should be noted that Rafi bin Laden a fighter and military journalist was martyred in October 7 this year in al-Raqqa city while covering the battle as part of the campaign of Wrath of the Euphrates to liberate al-Raqqa.