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2nd strike’s day: The Kurd’S will is stronger than Turkey

DÊRIK- The activity of hunger strike is continuing its 2nd day successively in Dêrik. The members of Martyrs Family Council in Girkê Legê area participated in the strike in order to stand in solidarity with the political detainees in Bakur Kurdistan.DRK-KONE-BIRCIBUNE

The hunger strike activities in Dêrik that the Martyrs Families Council in al-Jazeera canton called for is continuing its 2nd day successively.

On Wednesday morning, 125 members of the Martyrs Families Council in Girkê Legê, Çilaxa towns, Tal Koçer, and Alya villages headed towards the tent of hunger strike in Dêrik to complete the hunger strike rotations in solidarity with the political detainees that are going on hunger strike in the Turkish prisons.

The activities of the 2nd day started by a word said by the member of the Martyrs Families Council in Girkê Legê Muhammad Jamil “the Kurdish people will and resistance would not break because it is stronger than the Turkish fascist state “.

Jamil added “the political detainees in the Turkish prisons in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan entered its 58 day. We in Rojava confirm our support to the resistance of the hunger strikers and our great people resistance in Bakur Kurdistan, and we assure that the people who live on the philosophy of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan will not give up to the Turkish fascist state attacks”.DRK-KONE-BIRCIBUNE2

A delegation of Rojava Asayîş forces and the people of Çilaxa town and its villages visited the hunger strike tent in its 2nd day to support the hunger strikers. Moreover, the delegation representatives saluted the resistance of Bakur Kurdistan, and they promised to raise struggle and resistance.

Many people, the political parties’ representatives and civil society institutions are supposed to head to the tent of hunger strike.