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3 citizens kidnapped to unknown sides

NEWS DESK- Kidnapping incidents in Khanqin district and its surrounding areas have increased since the events of the October 17 in the disputing areas between Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and 3 citizens have been kidnapped in the last 24 hours.

According to Rojnews news agency, a source said that a citizen of the Sunni Arab component was kidnapped to unknown sides on Tuesday evening, and he is a displaced person living in Khanqin district.

The source that did not want to be identified said that the victim of the kidnapping incident is a vegetable vendor from  Sharban district in Diyala governorate.

On Tuesday, Arab citizens from the village of Mohammed Abbas in Khanqin district were kidnapped by unidentified sides.

Since the events of October 16, when Iraqi forces and the Popular Crowd have taken control on Kurdish areas, there have been several kidnapping accidents and sporadic attacks, particularly in the south and west of Khanqin.