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3 snipers killed, other IS’ snipers under SDF’s fire 


AL-RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces managed to kill 3 Islamic State snipers who targeted civilians and fighters during a liberating operation.

A SDF source in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood assured that their snipers teams managed, during the ongoing battles since Tuesday morning till the late hours of the night, to kill 3 IS snipers handicapping the civilians’ liberation and fighters movement have been killed within points align to Diriya neighborhood.

The same source noted that IS gangs attempt by their snipers and mines and targeting civilians who head for SDF points to handicap the liberation campaign’s progress.

2 fighters of the special teams for liberating civilians have been wounded doing their duty in liberating children and women on Diriya axis, 2 civilians were also wounded by the mercenaries as they were being liberated by SDF.