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30 mercenaries including 5 Turkish army’s killed in Ain Daqna

AL-SHAHBA- 30 mercenaries including 5 Turkish soldiers have been killed as People Protection Units and the joint revolutionary forces repelled attacks on Ain Daqna village in al-Shahba.

Hawar news agency’s reporter from the region said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have been inflicted huge losses during their attacks on Ain Daqna village on Monday evening, the mercenaries failing to break into the village, they began shelling it again with artillery, mortars and missile launchers at 19:00 aiming to sneak into the village and get the bodies of the mercenaries killed.

The joint revolutionary forces and People Protection Units responded to the shelling source; Kaljabreen village which resulted in clashes breakout continuing till Tuesday dawn amid continuous shelling.

Our reporter said that the clashes resulted in killing 30 mercenaries of the so-called gang Ahal al-Diyar.

Some military sources from al-Shahba assured that 5 bodies of Turkish occupation army’s soldiers who partook the attack on Ain Daqna have been seized.

In coincidence with the mercenaries’ attack on Ain Daqna, the mercenaries targeted the joint revolutionary forces’ points in Harbal, Om Hosh, and Samouqa with Dushkas.

Al-Shahba areas are now witnessing a relative calm.