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30 years later, Fraternity of Peoples bakery opened


QAMASHLO– After 30 years of lack of scarcity of bakeries in the Himo neighborhood west of the canton of Qamishlo in Cizîre region, the associations union in Rojava opened a bakery to the people. The bakery was named Fraternity of Peoples by the locals, with a capacity of 4 tons per day.QAMISLO-VEKIRINA-FIRNE1 ‫(138412545)‬ ‫‬

Before the opening, a meeting was held for the people in the neighborhood council to explain the mechanism of work in the bakery and how to rely on themselves and the establishment of a financial economy through the participation of shares in the bakery and how the bread will be distributed, and during the meeting and after discussions between the locals, they decided to name the bakery as Fraternity of Peoples.

Associations’ union in Rojava equipped the necessary mechanisms for the operation of the bakery. After a month and a half of hard work, the associations’ union in Rojava had opened the bakery.

In the presence of dozens of people from the Himo neighborhood administrators and members of the associations’ union in Rojava, the opening ceremony began with the cutting of the tape by the mother of the martyr Huizan and the mother of the martyr Kassem. Then the residents entered the bakery and roamed inside. Immediately after the opening of the bakery, the workers began to produce bread and distribute it to the people free of charge.

In this regard, member of the associations’ union in the Industry Chamber Samir Sadiq said, “based on the desire of the people to start work in our project, which lasted a month and a half”.

He added that the capacity of the furnace in the coming days will be 10 tons

According to Sadiq, 7 workers working in the bakery, three of them women and four men, bread will be distributed to the people through the communes where the cost of the project of the bakery reached to 35 million Syrian pounds, and Sadiq at the end of his speech said that they are ready for any other projects aimed at serving the people

The associations’ union will distribute the bread to the people free of charge on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

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