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32 ISIS gangs killed in Raqqa, clashes in two neighbourhoods continue

RAQQA – In Raqqa’s for districts, 32 ISIS gang members have been killed in clashes that have occurred since the morning hours of Friday.

The Raqqa Liberation Campaign continues on the 67th day. 13 gangs were killed in conflicts which took place in the neighbourhood of Old Raqqa, east of the city. The fighters also destroyed a 12.5 mm Dushka that belonged to gangs in the same neighborhood.

In the Rewda district of the eastern part of the city, as the conflicts continued, up to now 6 gangs, including two snipers were killed while many gangs were wounded.

In the conflicts in the Diriya neighbourhood west of Raqqa, 8 gangs were killed. Conflicts in the neighbourhood continue.

Lastly, five gangs were killed in the conflicts in the north-west Berîd neighbourhood of the city.