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3,372 women nominated themselves for communes’ co-chairs


AD-DARBASIYA- The co-chair of the Electoral Commission in the al–Jazeera region Ruken Mullah Ibrahim has explained that the number of nominated for the co-chair of the communes has exceeded 3,372 women.

The statements of the co-chair of the Electoral Commission in the al-Jazeera region Ruken Mullah Ibrahim in an interview conducted by the Hawar news agency on the role of women in the elections for the democratic federalism of north Syria.

She noted that the mechanism of the electoral process happened in a superior manner and witnessed a great response by the people of the al-Jazeera region, especially women she said “everyone wants to participate in the success of the system of democratic federalism in north Syria, starting with the formation of the communes which are the basic nucleus of democratic federalism and the basic organization of direct democracy,”

Ruken Mullah Ibrahim confirmed “women’s turnout from various components in the al-Jazeera region to apply for democratic federal elections in north Syria has been very significant, which shows her determination to continue the struggle she has started since the beginning of the revolution”.

Co-chair of the Electoral Commission Ruken Mullah Ibrahim has explained that the number of applications for women candidates in al- Jazeera region has reached more than 3,332 women from 2,467 communes.

She added “although we are going through the first experiments to form a system of democratic federalism, we did not face great difficulties hampering the conduct of the electoral process.

The co-chair of the Commission pointed out that the Office of Human Rights in the al-Jazeera region will undertake its role to monitor the electoral process.

It should be noted that on September 22nd, the communes co–chair elections will be held at the level of the three region of Rojava (West Kurdistan), According to the declaration of the Constituent Assembly for Democratic Federation of north Syria