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350 teachers undergoing teaching tests

AFRIN- 350 teachers from the Arab component in Afrin canton in Afrin region are getting ready for the new term by undergoing training courses specialized to teachers including a new curriculum of Arabic language, teaching styles and how to deal with students.   EFRIN-EZMUNEN-MAMOSTEYEN-EREB1 ‫(185860609)‬ ‫‬

350 teachers from Arabic component in Afrin canton did the second test of language that was supervised by Democratic Society Education Committee after they underwent a training course of the primary stage which started in July 22 and lasted for 21 days.

While the preparatory and secondary stages was started in July 15 and lasted for a month.

The course included lessons about Arabic grammar in order to qualify the teachers, develop their levels and to get ready for teaching the pupils the new curriculum.  EFRIN-EZMUNEN-MAMOSTEYEN-EREB1 ‫(1)‬

The primary stage’s curriculum was modified last year, while the preparatory and secondary stages’ curricula have been modified this year.

The teachers did on Saturday the first test which was specialized to teaching lessons’ styles, and on Sunday, writing test started which included writing paragraphs in order to determine the teachers’ writing level. Moreover, it is supposed that Arabic language grammar’s test would be done on Monday.