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3,500 foodstuff baskets distributed on al-Raqqa refugees

AL-HASAKAH– Rojava Organization has distributed in coordination with al-Mawadah Charity foodstuff on the refugees of al-Raqqa and its villages which have not been liberated yet.   HSK-ALIKARE-LI-NAZHE-RQAI-HAT-BALVKRN5

Syrian Democratic Forces liberating al-Karamah town, thousands of al-Raqqa people and its countryside have been displaced to the town, Social Affairs and Labour Body opened in Cizîre canton a camp in the town in accordance to the available possibilities.

In this concern, Rojava Organization has distributed in coordination with al-Mawadah charity 3,500 foodstuff baskets on the refugees residing in al-Karamah town.

Ali Silo a member of al-Mawada charity said that liberating al-Karamah, thousands of al-Raqqa people have been flowing to the town, Silo said” we are undertaking our humanitarian tasks in helping those refugees who fled IS oppression.

Silo stated that they are coordinating with Rojava Organization in distributing 3,500 foodstuff baskets asserting that they are continuing in supporting refugees and fulfilling their need as much as possible.HSK-ALIKARE-LI-NAZHE-RQAI-HAT-BALVKRN3

The co-chair of Rojava Organization Nijbeer Fatah appealed to humanitarian organizations to help al-Raqqa refugees.

Abdul Munaf Ahmad, a refugee, thanked Syrian Democratic Forces for liberating them from IS and providing them accommodation.

Hundreds of al-Raqqa and its countryside refugees are residing in l-Karamah camp which was opened in the end of March.