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39 female fighters join SDF, most of them from Deir –ez-Zor

AL_HASSAKH– 39 fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces graduated a new training course from the Şehîd Ruken Academy under the name Şehîd Evîn.SEDADE-DAWIKIRINA-PERWERDA-JINE-QSD (2)

39 fighters have joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces from various parts of north Syria, 27 of them from the Deir –ez-Zor areas which were recently liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

During the 25-day course of training, trainees have received intellectual and military lessons.

The course was completed in the Şehîd Ruken Academy and trainees graduated in ceremonies were one of the Syrian

Democratic Forces’ commanders, Rojda Shiyar, the fighters of the People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces were present.

The ceremony began with a military parade by female fighters, followed by a speech by a commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Sama Shaddadi, who congratulated the graduates on this occasion “the fighters have learned that Syrian Democratic Forces have achieved great victories in north Syria, Syria is also in a state of crisis,” she said. The parties in Syria have claimed that they are defending society and working for the freedom and democracy of society, but in reality what we saw was occupation and exploitation of the crisis, theft of Syria and selling it abroad, and the only forces that protect the Syrian people and land are the Syrian Democratic Forces that defeated the terrorists and are still advancing to liberate what is left of the land and people of Syria, so it is up to us all to participate in building our society on the basis of freedom, equality and democracy.”

After the speech, the fighters swore the oath and pledged to complete the path of the martyrs and preserve the security and protection of the homeland.

The graduation ceremony ended with the Dabkeh while revolutionary songs were played, then, fighters were sorted to their military points on the front lines to participate in the battles against IS mercenaries.