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3rd mill reoperating in al-Tabqa

AL-RAQQA- The Service Committee in al-Tabqa Civil Council has reoperated a mill that has a production capacity of 20 tons of flour every day.REQA-SISE-EMBAR-LI-BAJARE-TEBQAYE-TENE-BIKARANIN ‫(140050945)‬ ‫‬

In coincidence with the victories and field progress of Wrath of Euphrates campaign that is about to start the operation of al-Raqqa city liberation, the capital of IS so-called caliphate. Moreover, the service actions is speeding and coinciding with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) victories in more than axis.

After liberation of the city that was in May 10, the Service Committee has maintained the mill which did not survive IS violation.

The mill recently reoperated is working 16 hours per day within two shifts that start at 08:00.REQA-SISE-EMBAR-LI-BAJARE-TEBQAYE-TENE-BIKARANIN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The mill is located in Ayed al-Kabeer village, and it is the 3rd mill has been reoperating by the Service Committee since the city’s liberation. Moreover, the three mills products 60 tons of flour per day, and they are currently supplying 8 bakeries in al-Tabqa.