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46 civilians saved, a bombed vehicle destroyed

AL-RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated on Monday morning 46 civilians most of them are women and children, those civilians were used as human shields, a bombed vehicle was also destroyed.

The clashes continue between Syrian Democratic Forces and IS gangs in the center of the city of al-Raqqa’s neighborhoods’ al-Nahda, al-Barid, al-Huriya, al-Kurd and the National Hospital area as fighters progress forward, IS gangs tried to obstacle their progress.REQA-RIZGARKIRINA-SIVILAN (1)

In this context, IS gangs launched an attack with bombed vehicles on al-Nahda neighborhood.

In a different concern, IS gangs arrested a number of civilians and used them as human shields, Syrian Democratic Forces’ special teams managed in the early hours of the morning liberated 46 civilians in al-Nahda neighborhood most of them were children and women.

Having been saved, the fighters secured the civilians to safe areas and provided them with water and food.REQA-RIZGARKIRINA-SIVILAN (2)

SDF fighters liberated during the two around 176 and secured them to safe areas.

During the clashes that erupted in the area, 2 fighters have martyred after showing heroic resistance.