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48 fighters’ graduation from Martyr Roxan Academy

MANBIJ– The Martyr Roxan Academy ended a course on behalf of Sekina Assaliya that 48 female fighters have undergone for two months during a ceremony, and dozens of the fighters and military commanders attended.MINBEG-DAWIKRNA-AKADMIA-SAHIED-KULISTAN (6)

In a celebration ceremony, the Martyr Roxan Academy ended the Martyr Sekina Assaliya course which 48 fighters joined. During the course that lasted for two months, the fighters underwent military, political and intellectual exercises and lessons.

The co-chair of the Defense Committee in the Executive Council Nofah Suleiman, the commander of Manbij Military Council Mohammed Abu Adel, as well as some military commanders and dozens of the fighters attended the ceremony.

The graduation ceremony began with performing a military parade by the fighters who have ended the course. Then, the co-chair of the Defense Committee in the Executive Body Nofah Suleiman said, “this indicates the women’s determination to be a worthy title for the truth of their history, resistance, greatness and defense of their gender, territory and homeland.”

Nofah Suleiman noted “you have joined the political, intellectual and military training courses, and these lessons will qualify you to be decent to our martyrs and the deep history of women.”


The co-chair of the Defense Committee in the Executive Council Nofah Suleiman concluded saying “we hope the permanent victory in all the struggle squares, and for all comrades to be liberate from oppression and restrictions and once again we congratulate you on finishing this course.”

After the speech of the co-chair of the Defense Committee finished, the fighters swore the oath to follow the footsteps of the martyrs. Then, They chanted the slogan “Long Live Women a Free Life”.

In conclusion, the fighters and attendees danced in rings with the revolutionary and popular songs.