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49 civilians liberated in al-Raqqa city


AL-RAQQA- 14 Daesh mercenaries have been killed during the clashes that erupted within al-Raqqa city, Syrian Democratic Forces’ special teams to liberate civilians managed to release 49 civilians from IS’ grip.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign continues dealing more strikes to the IS mercenaries, in this context, clashes intensified between SDF and Daesh on Thursday evening in the surrounding of the National Hospital, the Local Stadium and Al-Naim Square; killing 14 mercenaries, and 2 SDF fighters also martyred after showing heroic resistance.

Meantime, the SDF’s special teams to liberate civilians continue saving people used as human shields by IS within the city of al-Raqqa; and 49 civilians were liberated.

The Syrian Democratic Forces also began a campaign in al-Iskan neighborhood in the center of the city to clear it from mercenaries and the fighters are advancing in the neighborhood.

Intense clashes continue in the center of the city of al-Raqqa.