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5 members of Self-Protection martyred in Makhmour

NEWS DESK- The attack on the Makhmour refugee camp resulted in killing 5 members of the Self-Protection Forces, in addition to wounding other 3 of them.

The 5 members martyred during the attack on the camp at 18:45, while the other 3 injured people were taken to Bar Hospital in Holler, and they are receiving the medical treatment now.

According to the information obtained, the martyrs are: “Bagher Buran, Buthan Amad, Gekdar Maawa, Duran Mardin, Paz Dajwar”.

According to information, the funeral ceremony for the martyrs will be announced later.

The silence hangs over the United Nations and the Iraqi government

In a related context, the People’s Council in Makhmour issued on Wednesday evening a statement calling on the Iraqi government, the United Nations to issue statements and disclose their attitude towards this attack, but so far, the two sides have kept silent.