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50% of the candidates in Afrin are women



AFRIN-Co-Chair of the High Electoral Commission in Afrin canton in the region of Afrin that the proportion of women’s candidacy for the communes’ co-chairs amounted to 50% at the canton level.EFRIN-REJAYE-JIN-DI-HILBIJARTINA-SEROKEN-KOMINAN-GIHISTI-50-JI-SEDI (4)

The Hawar news agency met with the co-chair of the High Commission for Elections, Nisreen al-Obeid, in Afrin canton which confirmed that women have proved themselves effectively in various fields, and this proves the equal ratio between them and men in the candidacy for the co-chairs elections for the communes

In her talk Nisreen pointed to the effectiveness of the role of women and said “the number of women candidates is approximately 600 candidates out of 1200 candidates, which is equal to the number of women candidates, which proves to the world the degree to which women are liberated in northern Syria,

“it turns out that women are playing their part in these elections to ensure that they can work in all areas and play their part effectively in the work they do” Nisreen said.

She noted that women in their struggles and efforts will continue to follow these steps in their role in the elections of councils and regions and the people’s conference. Women should continue to prove to the world that the liberated women in Rojava did not remain in the framework they were placed in. contrarily, they have struggled and proved an effective role in all fields

Nesreen appealed to the co-chairs of the Electoral Commission, Nisreen Al-Obeid, at the end of her speech to all women to continue to play their role in the federalism and elections until the liberation of all women and the liberation of society.