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57 years, fire still lighting in Amuda people’s hearts 


AMUDA– They saw the picture of fire in the screen thinking that they are watching a horror movie, but they did know that fire was set behind them to burn them.

We saw Amuda Cinema with its planted trees and beautiful views while in spite of its beauty, the idea of the tragedy that caused it springs unconsciously to the mind of every child who have been burnt there.


November 13, 1960 was the ominous night that caused all people of Amuda district as there was a martyr or wounded at every house, and more than 283victims were left in the massacre.

The pupils of the primary schools were obliged to buy the cards to support the denotation campaign for the sake of the Algerian people revolution against the French colonialism, and it was one of the campaigns that were organized in Amuda district every year.

The reports and researches that have been prepared assured that the massacre committed in Amuda Cinema had a political aim and hatred against the Kurdish people by the oppressive ruling regimes, and to eliminate a whole generation.

The survivors narrated what happened at that night as Amuda Cinema contained a well full of water and 3 doors which have been tightly closed after the children entered it.

When the fire broke out, the children rushed towards the locked doors demanding survival. Some of them jumped out of the cinema over the walls, and others whose road has been locked by the fire so they threw themselves into the well thinking that they would survive, but they sank.

The parents rushed to rescue their children, and they broke the locked doors rescuing many children among them was the martyr Muhammad Saeed Agha Daqori who martyred in the result of falling the burning door pillar on him after he has rescued many children, and dozens of parents were alike.

Although 57 years passed, pains are still lighting in the hearts of their families because they have never known what are the reasons of that massacre in spite of all investigations, and Amuda Cinema remained burning in the hearts of its parents till this our day.