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600 licenses granted to stores in Aleppo’s eastern provinces


ALEPPO- A big number of workers returned to their areas in the eastern provinces of Aleppo, and opened their stores after security and safety was restored by YPG and YPJ. Moreover, the municipality of people gave licenses to 600 stores in the eastern provinces.   HLB-GELI-TAXIN-ROJHLAT-VEDGARI-PESTI-REZGARKRNI ‫(182190593)‬ ‫‬

People of the eastern liberated provinces by YPG and YPJ are returning to their homes, and they started to organize their lives again by opening their stores and starting work. The municipality of people in those areas registered licenses for 600 stores and industrial workshops with the daily coming of workers and craftsmen to get licenses for their stores and shops in order to reopen them.

Most workshops and stores have been opened in al-Hellok province in the eastern provinces of Aleppo, and among those are workshops for fabric dressings, shoes making’s, coper casting’s, stores of making and sealing sweet, and other workshops.

In addition to that, the movement of people and congestion returned to the famous sock Bedin as the owners of stores and shops started to repair their stores that have been damaged in the result of the clashes that erupted in the province.EHMED IXTIRINI

licenses granted to 600 stores and registering is continuing

The citizen Mahmoud al-Shman who is a professional of making sweets returned to Bedin sock to open his store after two and a half year of his displacing to Lattakia governorate in the result of the mercenaries’ acts. When Mahmoud was asked about the reason of his coming back, Mahmoud said “I came back to the province after security and safety were restored to the area by virtue of YPG”.

Mahmoud thanked the municipality of people in the eastern provinces, and stated that the living conditions are acceptable in comparison to the previous periods.MEHMUD ELSEMAN

While the citizen Ahmad Akhtariny who is the owner of meat and chicken store said “I have been working here for three years, we have experienced very serious and hard times of oppression and suffering, and after the province was liberated by YPG, as if we returned to life because we were in the counter of the dead. Socks started to open, and people are returning to their homes”.

For knowing the number of the arrivals and the current situation, a reporter of our agency held an interview with the manager of collection and licenses section in the municipality of people in the eastern provinces Ahmad Ibrahim.EHMED IBRAHIM

Ahmad Ibrahim stated that the municipality of people in the eastern provinces granted licenses to stores and workshops owners after confirming their ownership, and the number of the owners is 600 till now while people are still demanding licenses.

Ahmad Ibrahim called for all the people to return to their provinces to rebuild them again and construct them after liberation.