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65 hectors were occupied, 5690 trees were uprooted, the Turkish aggression outcome in February


AFRIN– In February, the Turkish occupation army occupied more than 65 hectors from Afrin canton lands, and uprooted 5690 olive trees, in addition to the successive bombardment on Afrin villages. Moreover, YPG responded and defended.EFRIN-DAGIR KARIYA-DEWETA-TERK3

The Turkish occupation state is continuing its occupying policy along the artificial border between Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan, and violating civilians’ rights by targeting them and bombarding their villages using shelling from now and then in addition to occupying their lands and looting their goods.

Hawar news agency documented the Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin canton during February.

Lands Burning

The Turkish occupation entered Shara province lands 250 km, then the Turkish army uprooted 5500 olive trees. Moreover, 90 trees in Kurda village in Bulbul province and 100 trees in Deir Baloot village in Jendaires province were uprooted.

The Turkish occupation army torched fire near Midan Akbas village in Rajo province which caused burning a number of olive trees that belong to the people of the village.EFRIN-DAGIR KARIYA-DEWETA-TERK4

The Turkish occupation occupied 5 hectors from Kurda lands after the border depth passed 350 m, and long 3 km. the Turkish army also occupied 60 hectors from Deir Baloot lands in addition to threatening people of the village of killing as they approached the lands aligning to the border.

Villages bombardment

The Turkish occupation army bombarded mostly everyday Qatma village in Shara province during the last month as the bombardment caused financial damages in civilians’ possessions. The occupation’s mercenaries also fired haphazardly the herds, and by February, a number of canton people sheep were killed.   EFRIN-DAGIR KARIYA-DEWETA-TERK5

The Turkish scouting planes flied many times over the canton mostly in Bulbul and Rajo provinces.

Attacking the civilians

In February, the Turkish occupation militaries attacked by sever beating and torching 3 citizens from Afrin people near Tobal village in Bulbul province during their returning to Afrin lands. The citizens are Jamil Abdul Qader who is at 16, Azat Shukri who is 16 years old, and Ahmad Kamal who is 25 years old.

YPG-YPJ responded to the occupying attacksEFRIN-DAGIR KARIYA-DEWETA-TERK8

In February, elements from the Turkish occupation violated the territories of Bulbul province by GIR mountain accompanied by a number of armors and tanks for occupying the mountain. YPG and YPJ responded to the Turkish attacks while the Turkish occupation obliged to go back.

During February, a number of GPS devices of Turkish-made were destroyed while the Turkish army shoots it from the border to determine the positions and spy the canton.

The Turkish occupation army is continuing its aggressive policy against Afrin canton people in the view of the international society and human rights organizations.