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73 French gang members killed in Syria and Iraq

NEWS CENTER – French Minister of Internal Affairs Bernard Cazeneuve has said that 73 French citizens who joined radical Islamist organisations in Syria and Iraq, were killed in those countries. The French Minister reported that 400 French citizens have so far gone to fight in these countries, adding that the number of those killed as of January was over 70.
Referring to an anti-terror law enacted by the parliament last autumn, Cazeneuve said the law introduced a ban on travel for those who are suspected of leaving the country in order to take part in fighting in Iraq and Syria and other countries. Cazeneuve also recalled that the law allows for the confiscation of the IDs of suspected persons.
The French Minister further remarked that the young people who went to these countries for “jihad” are found to be psychologically exhausted upon their return to France, adding that the measures taken by the new law prevents these risks.
The French government has decided to employ 400 new personnel to work under the Internal Affairs Ministry for spying activities, announcing that it will in addition invest 425 million euros for new communications and intelligence equipment.