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800 tents, assistance provided to Deir –ez-Zor refugees

AIN ISSA-  Al- Raqqa Civil Council has distributed 800 tents to Deir –ez-Zor camp in Ain Issa refugee camp as part of the preparations for the winter. The camp administration is working to create a concrete barrier inside each tent preventing water leaks and renovate 90 torn tents.

Al–Raqqa Civil Council seeks to provide the necessary winter supplies for the displaced in Ain Issa camp amid the organizations’ indifference to the refugees’ suffering, winter assistance was provided to the displaced, whose number is around 18 thousand displaced people living in 2,000 tents.


The camp received dozens of displaced people from the city of Deir –ez-Zor those who have been forced to escape the practices of the regime’s forces on the one hand and IS mercenaries on the other, thus pressure is increasing on the camp’s administration in al- Raqqa Civil Council to receive the largest number of displaced people in need of support and assistance.

The camp’s administration is suffering from shortages of blankets, oil-burning heater and new tents, still, it seeks to secure all supplies and distribute them to the displaced.

Despite the limited possibilities, and as part of the preparations for the winter, the al-Raqqa Civil Council distributed 800 tents to Deir –ez-Zor’s displaced and provided them with blankets, while thousands of displaced are in need of help.CELAL ALEAF

15 people in a tent

The number of residents living in the tent in the camp of displaced persons in Ain Issa in some tents to 15 people, and with the approaching winter, the parents are afraid of not protecting their feet from the cold and rain, and the camp also has 90 tents torn not suitable for housing but the council renewed them and built a cement wall inside tents to prevent water and air leakage.

“We have increased the pace of work for camp workers as the number of displaced people increases and we are suffering from a shortage of blankets, and tents as the winter approaches and demands increase,” said the administrative director of Ain Issa camp Jalal Ayaf.

Jalal al-Ayaf has appealed to international organizations to provide the necessary support to the displaced in the camp to meet the increasing needs and the opening of other camps to relieve the pressure on the camp of Ain Issa.