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8th March celebrations begun in Cizîre

AD-DARBASIYAH- With the participation of thousands of women, 8th March celebrations on International Women’s Day have been started in the Kibiz village in ad-Darbasiyah city in Cizîre canton.DIRBEYSIYE-SIRBESIYE-SAHIYA-8-ADARE1

On Star Congress invitation, thousands of women have headed today to the Kibiz village in ad-Darbasiyah city to take part in the celebrations on March 8th.

Women of different components have taken part in the celebration wearing colorful folkloric outfits which express the mosaic of the region adding more splendor to the scene.

The celebration was started with” With the Soul of Imrali Resistance, We Receive March 8th to Guarantee Freedom”, holding a minute of silence, Zozan Hamo, the Golden Crescent Band member in Cizîre canton, congratulated women on this day, and appealed to all of them to support Şengal women.

The band also sang a number of folkloric and revolutionary songs in Kurdish, Arabic, and Syriac languages.

The women taking part in the celebrations have also held rings dancing and chanting slogans that called for women freedom.

The celebrations are ongoing and songs are performed by the Golden Crescent Band.