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A call from al-Holl camp to the UN


HASAKE- some Iraqi refugees from Mosul pointed out that they are not provided with any help by humanitarian organizations or the UN, they also appealed to them to offer help for the Iraqi refugees.heseke-kampa-hole-2

1,220 families are residing now at Al-Holl camp coming from different Iraqi cities like Mosul and Salah Aladdin escaping IS gangs’ practices, while these refugees are suffering from a drastic shortage of food particularly that the winter is approaching.

ANHA went on a tour in the camp to learn about the situation of the refugees who fled IS gangs, as they noted that services and help are almost rare from the UN and humanitarian orgaizations.

Nayef Ali a refugee from Mosul, said” before leaving our homeland, the government released leaflets vowing our return the city liberated and also would help us offering basic needs”.

Ali pointed out that they tried to get back home but they could not because the borders were shut by the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga.  heseke-kampa-hole-7

Muhamad Musa from Nineveh said” we tried to cross to Başûr Kurdistan, but the Peshmerga would not receive us under the pretext of being Arabs and supporting IS mercenaries”.

Musa went on” the Autonomous Administration and TEV-DEM however embraced us and provided us help, but we do know that Rojava is also suffering from a siege by the Turkish and Başûr Kurdistan government.

Mosa concluded appealing to humanitarian organizations and UN to consider their status as winter is approaching and they are in need clothes and many other basic requirements.

Aladdin Hasan also appealed to the Iraqi government to take people to the liberated areas in Iraq since the UN are not heseke-kampa-hole-1meeting their demands, or at least secure them accommodation and clothes.

The Iraqi forces have declared yesterday morning the beginning of Mosul offensive by the PM Haidar al-Abadi aiming to liberate the city from IS while most of its residents have been displaced by IS gangs which have been controlling the city two years ago.

The UN has already mentioned in a report that there are around 50 thousand Iraqi refugees who might be heading for Rojava particularly Jazeera canton amid fears arising that the Autonomous Administration might not be able to undertake the refugees burden on its own.



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