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A caricature on Erdogan’s bodyguards attacking Kurdish protestors

NEWS DESK- Erdogan bodyguards’ attacks on Kurdish community protestors echoed, those protestors gathered before the White House to condemn Erdogan’s acts against Kurds.BERAZIL-PANELA-KIRIKATER

Erdogan and a number of his ministers visited the US to discuss the recent happenings, and stop the American support for YPG which was announced by the American president.

During the visit, a number of Kurdish community protested before the White House to condemn the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit and his acts against Kurds in Bakur and Rojava.

During the peaceful protest, the Turkish president bodyguards abused the peaceful protestors within a country claiming peace, and freedom of speech and thought, where a number of them was injured.

In this context, a Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latov drew a caricature about Erdogan bodyguards attacking peaceful protestors, Latov also tweeted” having seen this barbarity abroad, how would his acts look like internally!