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A center of Free Women Body opened in Sheikh Maksoud

ALEPPO– Free Syrian Women Body has opened a center in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud and ceremonies were held.nehla-bancon

The ceremonies were held in the center, where dozens of Kurdish, Arab, Syriac women attended the ceremonies.

During the opening ceremonies held in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo, many speeches were given in Kurdish, Arabic, and Syriac languages by the administratives of Free Syrian Women Body Laila Khaled, Ronahi Mulhim and Nahla Banjian from the Armenian component, participants congratulated women for the opening of the center as it embodies elimination of slavery.

The words also appealed of the resistance women in the neighborhood showed considering this step as a victory for all components.

The ceremonies were concluded with a party amid shouting slogans that salute women resistance and call for the unity of Syrian components.



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